Different opinions on competition in children

By Audrey Kelley,2014-06-05 10:30
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Different opinions on competition in children

    Different opinions on competition in children

     Should young children grow the sense of competition? The following test shows us the different ideas.

    Some people hold the idea that competition shouldnt

    exist in childhood.

    No.1: only competition but no cooperation will do harm to childrens future. One child who is always

    aggressive may lose partners and be hard to succeed. \

    No.2: competition sometimes makes children lose the ability of daily life. If a child put his heart into

    competition, he doesn’t learn how to be independence

    in the meanwhile because his parents will do everything for him even put underwear for him.

No.3: with the competition, children cant get real

    happiness. Every child has the right to be happy. But in recent yeas, they wear little smile in the face because of the burden of competition.

No.4: too much competition leads to failure. If one

    live with competition for a long time, he may become

    ill and have fragile mental quality. Once faced a formal game, he may be too anxious to pass.

    But others disagree with this view. They think competition promote children to develop.

    No.1: to build a sense of competition is helpful to develop a habit of fighting. One grows with

    competition will adapt to the society sooner than one doesn’t.

    No.2: competition strengthens ones mind.

    Nowadays children are spoilt by their parents. Therefore, children become weak and timid. With the competition they may build themselves to be strong mind.

    No.3: sometimes competition provides children with interest of learning.

    In my opinion, proper competition but not too much benefits a lot to us. On the contrary, thinking it too high will lose the real meaning of the spirit of competition.

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