Oral Presentation Rubric1_!11

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Oral Presentation Rubric1_!11 Oral Presentation Rubric1_!11

    Oral Presentation Rubric

     Teacher’s Name:

     Group Member Names: ________________________________________

    CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

    Holds the attention of Consistent eye Some eye contact is No eye contact with the Eye Contact

    the audience while contact is made, but made, but the student audience. The student

    seldom looking at her the notes are still still relies on the notes read his or her notes

    or her notes. used greatly. for most of the without looking up.


    Facial expressions Facial expressions Facial expressions and Very little use of facial Enthusiasm

    and body language and body language body language are used expressions or body

    generate a strong sometimes generate a to try to generate language. Did not

    interest and strong interest and enthusiasm, but seem generate much interest

    enthusiasm about the enthusiasm about the somewhat forced. in topic being presented.

    topic in others. topic in others.

    Stays on topic all Stays on topic most Stays on topic some It was hard to tell what Stays on Topic

    (100%) of the time. (99-90%) of the time. (89%-75%) of the time. the topic was.

Uses vocabulary Uses vocabulary Uses few vocabulary Does not use the Vocabulary

    appropriate for the appropriate for the words appropriate for textbook\'s vocabulary audience as found in audience as found in the audience. words to support their the textbook and the textbook. presentation.

    applies it to the

    presentation well,

    explaining words

    when needed.

Shows a full Shows a good Shows a good Does not seem to Content

    understanding of the understanding of the understanding of parts understand the topic topic. topic. of the topic. very well.

    Volume is loud Volume is loud Volume is loud enough Volume often too soft to Volume

    enough to be heard enough to be heard to be heard by all be heard by all audience by all audience by all audience audience members at members.

    members throughout members at least 90% least 80% of the time.

    the presentation. of the time.

    Presentation is 10-7 Presentation is 8 Presentation is 7 Presentation is less than Time-Limit

    minutes long. minutes long. minutes long. 7 minutes OR more than

    10 minutes.

    Listens intently. Does Listens intently but Sometimes does not Sometimes does not Listens to Other

    not make distracting has one distracting appear to be listening appear to be listening Presentations

    noises or movements. noise or movement. but is not distracting. and has distracting

    noises or movements.


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