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Passport and Visa Application HandoutdocxVisa,and,visa,AND,VISA


    NOTE: Passport office is by appointment only. Make sure you have all the requirements

    below prior to making an appointment.

    To obtain a No-Fee Government Passport you must provide the following requirements

    during appointment: (We do not assist with leisure travel passports) you must call your

    local passport office for help).

    ; Complete and Print Online passport application (


    ; You can submit a passport OR Birth Certificate with this form.


    ; You MUST submit the passport listed on the application.

     Must have the 2D barcode in the upper left hand corner and passport application must be done

    on computer/ not hand written.

    ; 2 Passport Photos

     The background must be white and you can’t be in your military uniform.

     Location for photos: 11th Wing Visual Information Center 240-612-4430(free by appointment)

     Image awards by Home Traditions 301-735-6888(Own Expense)

    Walgreens/CVS drug store takes passport photos at any location. Must have white passport background ; Proof of United States Citizenship

     Original Birth Certificate (DS-11 Application)

     Original Naturalization Document

     U.S. Passport (DS-11 or DS-82 Application)

    ; A copy of the front and back of your CAC ID must have new DOD number on back

    of ID.

    ; For eligible family members additional requirements

     Original Marriage Certificate

     Copy of front and back dependent ID card

    ; All Applicants must be present at the appointment including children

     A DS-3053 is required if one of the parents is not able to attend.

     Must bring orders or assignment notification letters or deployment tasking letters.


    ; Go to Passport Matters website:

    ; Click on PASSPORT & VISA

    ; On drop down menu, click COUNTRY REQUIREMENTS

    ; Click the first letter of the country name you are going to.

    ; Find and Select/click the country you are going to. This provides you with requirements, instructions and

    additional information on how to apply for visa. If visa is required, this will also provide you the application in

    PDF format or a link/website where you can obtain the visa application. Set an appointment, after completion of

    visa application.

    For specific each specific country’s entry instructions please refer to the Foreign Clearance Guide



POC Phone Number: 301-981-6789

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