STU CLA Midterm Assessment of Research Project

By Jon Jones,2014-06-03 21:40
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STU CLA Midterm Assessment of Research Project

    Project Code

Midterm Assessment of Research Project

    College of Liberal Arts

    Shantou University

Project Title:

    Project Director:



    CLA Research Project Midterm Assessment; Year

     Project Title

     Project Director

     Funds Granted Project Code

     Projected Finish Date

     Date of Approval

     Projected Form of Final Outcome

    ?finished; ?will finish punctually; ?will be postponed; ?suspended Progress

    Research Report

    Including: research progress; any revision of the research plan; reasons for postponing or suspending research

    work; any change of the project director; the problems emerged and the measures for improvement; work plan for

    next year.


    Signature of Project Director:


    Conferences and Academic Lectures

    Including the titles, time, venue, and content s

    Signature of Project Director:



    Cluster Assessment

    Evaluation of whether the research is carried out on schedule; quality of phased achievements; feasibility of the

    follow-up research; justification for revising the research project, etc.

    Signature of Cluster Leader: Date:

    Dean’s Comment

    1. Approve the revision of the research project:? Yes ? No

    2. Approve the granting for follow-up research: ? Yes ? No

    Signature of the Dean: Date:


    CLA Research Project Phased Achievement Catalogue; Year Project Title; Project Code;

    Place in Publication or No. Title of Outcome Form of Outcome Author Review and Citation Order Conference Details 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Notes

    1. Publication should enclose Funded by CLA Academic Research Award

    2. Please send this form electronically to the Graduate Administration Office and bring two hard copies (print on both sides on A4 paper) to the

    Office upon confirmation.


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