Position paper

By Frederick Gordon,2014-05-06 09:57
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Position paper

     Position paper

    Delegate: Ha Qing;Cheng Bo

    School: Hunan University

    Country: Afghanistan

    Committee: UNDP

    TopicMisuse and corruption of the development aid

     The international community to help each other economically is necessary, but misuse and corruption of the development aid has occurred throughout history and all parts of the world, including Afghanistan. They corrode rule of law and democratic institutions, they hinder economic development by distorting markets and damaging private sector integrity, they destroy trust in leaders and in the very principles of democratic governance. Afghanistan believes that enhance fiscal transparency and public participation has become ever so important.

    th We are glad to see organizations like the UNDP have made giant progress. In the 56 un

    general assembly, the resolution stressed that the funds, programs and agencies of the united nations development system still needs to its all results obtained by the executive board or governing bodies and report of the economic and social council. aid is less effective in a weak governance environment where funds leak due to corruption. According to the resolution, we can see that the UN is sparing no efforts to avoid misuse and corruption of the development aid.

    Afghanistans national laws and regulations also have been gradually tailored to avoid these. The annex one to the "Afghanistan Compact" detailed list of determined high-level goals of the various results achieved, benchmarks and delivery time limited according to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy”. In Annex II, the government and the international community is also committed to improve the efficiency of international assistance and to strengthen the accountability system of international assistance, fight against corruption and to ensure that the public administration transparent and accountable. And ensure balanced and fair allocation of domestic and international resources; show certain prospects for well-being across the country.

     Afghanistan urges a cleaner and more transparency development aid management system, Afghanistan will continue to firmly support the UNDP program-----hotlines are ready for reporting corruption in donor projects and programmers, and the development aids will be arranged to the six pillars according to the Afghanistan National Development Strategy: Infrastructure and natural resources; education; health; agriculture and rural development; social protection; Economic management and private sector development. Afghanistan is looking forward to reaching a balanced socio-economic development and resource deployment.

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