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    Meeting 63

    thBy Fang Tianyu, Apr. 19, 2012 Work Done by last week

    te the filtration in breathing wall. 1. Simula


    1. It is hard to build realist porous zone in breathing wall. The filtration efficiency in the porous

    zone will be simulated in a isolate model.

    2. The speed to simulate is too slow. Model


    Porous zone


    Porous Ytransition Porous zone 0.495layer

    Air-only 0.49


    Breathing wall model Boundary condition

    Airflow inlet velocity 0.05 m/s Pressure outlet Gauge Pressure 0 Pa Porous zone Viscous resistance 3.67E8 1/m2

     Inertial resistance 1646 1/m2


     Porosity 0.48

    Quartz sand



    Porous zone model

    Boundary condition

    Airflow inlet velocity 0.03 m/s

    Pressure outlet Gauge Pressure 0 Pa


    It’s too slow to reach the final result. There are only some middle results.

    1) The particle deposition in 47s running.

    2) The air flow in really porous zone.

Mid-Result in the breathing wall model

    In the model, the particle was injected from the middle of inlet tube. To analysis the particle deposition ratio,

    the particle trap in the inlet tube was eliminate.

    Tracking for 10um particle

    (1day for airflow calculating, and 2days for tracking particles)

    Time=47s Trap in up tube Trap in down Trap on floor Trap in porous Trap in inlet Flow in air

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