Campers Passport

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Campers PassportCamper

    Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing School

    English Department

    Lets Go Camping

    Campers Passport

    The holder of this passport is

Table of Contents

P. 1 Contents Page

    P. 2 Campers Personal Profile P. 3 Campsite Information File

    and Vision Statement

    P.4-5 Camp Programme Schedule P.6 Camp Rules

    P.7-8 Camp Songs

    P.9-10 Camp Songs Rewriting Task P.11-14 Five-Sense Chart

    P.15-16 Emotions Journal

    P.20 Give Thanks Page


    Campers Personal Profile

    Name: __________________

Class:_____________( ) Please Paste your

    Photo here.

    Group: ( )


    Personal Strengths:____________________ Interests or Hobbies:___________________ _____________________________________ Favourite subjects:____________________ _____________________________________ Favourite songs/ books/ games:

    _____________________________________ Favourite persons:_____________________ _____________________________________ Hopes or Dreams:_____________________

    The holder of this passport is entitled to experience a worth going camping tour. Upon the completion of the tour and the relevant tasks in this passport, the holder will be awarded a certificate.


Campsite Information

Campsite: Lei Yu Mun Park and Holiday

     Village (Tel: 25687455)

    Campsite Address: 75 Chai Wan Rd., HK.

    School Organizer: English Department

    Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing School

    School Tel.: 23362657

    School Address:

    3 Fu Yue St., Wang Tau Hom, Kowloon

    Tour Advising Teachers: Mr. Hung Kar ing, Mr. Sin Chun Tung, Ms Kwok Hoi Wai, Ms Chan Wai Ping and Ms

    Wu Tsui Ying

    Experience our Camping Tour through our senses and feelings; record and celebrate our success through words and arts.


    Camp Programme Schedule


    13:50-14:00 Take the roll, Off we go.

    14:40-16:00 Arrive at Lei Yu Mun Park and Holiday Village. Check-in.

    Brief about the first activity: an exploring walk

    16:00-17:30 Walk around the campsite and pay a visit to particular

     spots/areas/buildings/facilities that most interest you and your teammates. 17:30-18:15 Meet again at the hostel. Share what you have just experienced with other

     groups using the five senses.

    18:15-19:00 Walk together to sunset point. Enjoy the sunset scenery and record the

     experience in the ‘Five-Sense Chart’.

    19:00-21:00 Enjoy a ‘big’ super - Barbecue. (Stress tidiness and the full utilization of

     resources.) Sing camp songs. Special attention and encouragement would be

     paid to the rewritten lyrics. Your creativity would be highly praised/much


    21:00-21:30 Return to the hostel. Brief the ‘night walk’.

    21:30-23:00 Enjoy the ‘night walk’. (Mind your steps and take good care of your own self

     and your teammates.)

    23:00-24:00 See you again at the hostel. Clean you and Personal Hygiene Time. 24:00-07:00 Sleep well and don’t talk with your pillow.



    07:30-08:1 Wake up; clean up and personal hygiene time.

     Exercise body and refresh mind. Be an early

     bird to eat the worms. Be an early young

     man/woman to win the world.

    08:15-09:00 Enjoy a ‘tasty’ breakfast.

    09:00-11:00 Brief about the morning activities. Students are free to make use of the 2

     hours and try their favourite facilities. It is highly recommended that

     students take a morning walk to enjoy the breeze and the tranquility of

     the surroundings brush up the ‘five senses’.

    11:00-12:00 Go back to the hostel. Start sharing experience among group members.

     Complete the tasks in the passport.

    12:00-13:00 Enjoy the lunch in the ‘canteen’.

    13:00-13:30 Pack up. Be sure you don’t leave any personal belongings behind.

    13:30-14;50 Check-out. The coach will bring us back to the school 14:50 Arrive glorious at school. Go home. Home sweet Home! ?


    Camp Rules ;

1. Never Give Up. Always Try Your Best.

     Go Ahead, Be the Best,

    We, 1D students, are the Best of the Best.

    2. Strictly follow the instructions given for all activities.

    3. Pay attention when someone is speaking or making


    4. Ask only when being asked to ask. The senior helper of

    your group or the advising teachers will surely answer

    your questions.

    5. You must have a big heart and give encouragement to

    your teammates.


Camp Songs

    Listen to the songs Campfire’s Burning and If you’re happy and you know it from LTE 1B p.96.



    Camp Song Rewriting Task

    A. Change the feeling words and the action words of the following song.

     Follow the example on the right side.

    If You’re Happy and You Know It

    If you’re happy and you know it, Example:

     Clap your hands! If you feel good and you know it, If you’re happy and you know it, Blink your eye!

     Clap your hands! If you feel good and you know it, If you’re happy and you know it, Blink your eye!

     And you really want to show it, If you feel good and you know it, If you’re happy and you know it, And you really want to show it,

     Clap your hands! If you feel good and you know it,

     Blink your eye!

Suggestions of feelings:

    Feel great

    Feel loved

Suggestions of actions:

    Skip and dance

    Wave your hand

    Stamp your feet!

    Shout ‘We are!’


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