Kramer Vs Kramer

By Edward Green,2014-05-06 12:53
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Kramer Vs Kramer

    A Movie Review of Kramer Vs Kramer

    Kramer Vs Kramer is indeed a good movie. The heroine is Meryl Streep and the hero is Dustin Hoffman. This movie was directed by Benton. Although it talked about a usual family story, it impressed so many people.

    Having a harmony family needs both the mans and the womans efforts. If the man is always

    involved in his career and never care about the family, his wife will cant stand it some day.

    Marriage is one of the most important relationships in ones life. If one fails in the marriage, no

    matter how successful he is in the career, he is indeed a failure. There is no law says woman cant

    have the same ambitious as the man and woman must give up her job to take care of children and husband. Therefore, man, especially as a father, really should pay more attention to family. Such as Ted, at first, he only cared about his job and ignored his wife and his son. Luckily, after 18 months, he turned to be a wonderful and devoted father. He can get along well with his son, Billy.

    If parents divorced, the child is the biggest victim. As an adult, you may liberate from a painful marriage, however, have you considered your childs feelings? Child is innocent. As parent,

    one shouldnt let child suffer the pain. Every child wants to get both fathers and mothers love.

    Its cruel to let child choose one of it. Such as Billy, he is only 7 yeas old and it is hard for him to receive the cruel fact that his parents has divorced. In a word, parents divorce will hurt child

    deeply. So, adults should look before you leap.

    All in all, Kramer Vs Kramer is really worthy of enjoying. It is a comedy movie. It brings people a great deal of happiness. Not only can you enjoy Billys loveliness, but also you can learn

    a lot about how to become a good father or a good mother and how to get along well with the family members. The movie is about family love, so you can feel the deeply love between the family members from the whole movie.

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