WIA Communication Information 05-58 Word

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WIA Communication Information 05-58 Word




WIA Communication No. 05-58 Policy ; Information

To: Chief Elected Officials

    Workforce Investment Board Chairs

    Workforce Investment Board Directors

    Title I Administrators

    Career Center Directors

    Title I Fiscal Officers

    DCS Regional Directors for Workforce Integration

    DCS Associate Directors

    DCS Field Managers

cc: WIA State Partners

From: Susan V. Lawler, Commissioner

     Division of Career Services

Date: August 15, 2005

Subject: Public Service Announcement (PSA) Campaign


    Purpose: To inform Local Workforce Investment Boards, One-Stop Career Center

    Operators and other workforce investment partners on the PSA campaign

    promoting One-Stop Career Centers.

    Background: The PSAs were developed to heighten awareness of and encourage participation

    with the One-Stop Career Centers. Two separate 30-second PSAs were produced;

    one targeting job seekers and another targeting employers. Both PSAs feature

    Governor Romney as the spokesperson. In the PSAs, Governor Romney

    highlights job assistance and business services provided by One-Stop Career

    Centers and encourages the target audience to visit a local One-Stop Career

    Center. The video PSAs also include background footage of a One-Stop Career

    Center providing services to job seekers and employers plus a toll-free number

    (877 US 2 JOBS) and website information ( to

    locate a One-Stop Career Center.

     The PSA campaign rollout will be preceded by a press release (see attachment) on

    August 16, 2005. The PSAs will be distributed to about 170 radio and TV

    An equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD/TTY 1-800-439-2370 - Voice 1-800-439-0183

    stations across the state, including cable and public access stations. The PSAs

    will be aired by the stations on their schedule and may be seen or heard at

    different times of the day or night.

     One-Stop Career Center directors will receive a VHS tape and a CD-Rom that

    will play the PSAs through installed media player software on the computer.

    WIA partners will also receive a CD-Rom in the mail.


    Required: Please share the PSAs with all staff and feel free to view it for customers as well.

    You may notice an increase in traffic to your Career Center after the press release

    and airing of the PSAs. The USDOL Employment and Training toll-free Help

    Line (877 US 2 JOBS) has agreed to track and report on new traffic to the Career

    Centers generated by the PSAs. It would be greatly appreciated if One-Stop

    Career Center directors could gather local feedback from staff and customers

    regarding the PSAs. Please send feedback on the PSAs to Dan Condon at or (617) 626-5239.

Effective: Immediately

    Inquiries: If you have any questions or need additional tape/CD, please contact Dan Condon

    at or (617) 626-5239.

    Filing: Please file this in your notebook of previously issued WIA Communication Series

    Issuances as #05-58.


    August 16, 2005 Linnea Walsh



    New campaign features Governor Romney pitching One-Stop Career Center services

    BOSTON -- Jane C. Edmonds, Director of the Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development today announced the start of a series of public service announcements (PSAs) to air on cable television and radio stations statewide in the coming weeks.

     Two 30-second spots, dubbed “One-Stop Career Centers are working for

    Massachusetts” feature Governor Mitt Romney. One announcement features Romney speaking to job seekers, encouraging them to visit the Career Centers to receive help with their job search. A second announcement shows Romney telling employers about the wide range of services available for recruiting and hiring, training grants and tax credits as they look to expand their workforce. The announcements also include placement counselors, job seekers and employers at a Career Center.

     “Employers and job seekers need to know about the incredible resources available

    to them free of charge through our Career Centers,” said Edmonds. “Those looking for employment or looking to hire can find success by utilizing a Career Center near them.”

     Massachusetts’ 32 One-Stop Career Centers are a joint effort between the

    Department of Workforce Development’s Division of Career Services and various partners including the Commonwealth’s regional workforce boards, state and local entities, non-profit and community-based organizations.

     Employers and job seekers can receive more information on the Career Centers and find one near them by visiting or by calling toll-free

    1-877-US2-JOBS (877-872-5627).



    The text for both public service announcements are as follows:

     PSA - Employers

     “Are you looking to expand your workforce?”

     “Hi, I’m Governor Mitt Romney. Thousands of employers throughout

    Massachusetts have used our One-Stop Career Centers to recruit and find new


    “Visit one of our centers to learn about tax credits and grants that help defray the cost

    of training new employees. Talk to an employer specialist.”

     “One-Stop Career Centers are working for Massachusetts.”

     For information call 1-877-US2-JOBS. That’s 1-877-872-JOBS.

     PSA - Job Seekers

    “Hello, I’m Governor Mitt Romney. Finding a new job can be a challenging

    experience. But your local One-Stop Career Center is here to help you every step of

    the way.”

    “Each center is staffed with dedicated career counselors that can match your skills

    with the right jobs—all at no cost to you.”

     “Finding a job isn’t easy, but we can help.”

     “One-Stop Career Centers are working for Massachusetts.”

     For information call 1-877-US2-JOBS. That’s 1-877-872-JOBS.


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