Holders of passports who do not require a visa to enter Spain

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    Holders of passports who do not require a visa to enter Spain

1. The European Union, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland

    • New residency requirements for EU citizens planning to live in Spain for more than three months. The Spanish Government has introduced new residency requirements for all EU citizens who plan to reside in Spain for more than three months.

    • Passports and travel documents are required to be valid during the duration of the visit. You do not need a minimum of validity in your passport or travel document to travel to Spain.

     Children included in the parent’s passport must be accompanied by the parent. The child’s right to travel on the passport will lapse depending on the age stipulated by the issuing country and be under 16 years of age. A letter of consent is recommended if the child (holding a valid passport) is not travelling with the parents (mother or the father if he has parental responsibility) or guardian. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a minor and is subject to parental control or adult supervision. Parents or guardians are responsible for the actions of their children. Unaccompanied minors fall under the jurisdiction of Social Services for the Protection of Minors.

    • Children travelling alone and using a National Identity card must have written parental consent.

     It is important that the name on your ticket matches the name on your passport exactly. Please consult with the airline before travelling. 2. For visits not exceeding ninety days per six-month period, visas are not required for holders of valid passports issued by the following countries or dependencies:

    Albania *


    Antigua and Barbuda





    Bosnia Herzegovina *


    British National (Overseas) (holders of British passports with this name) Brunei Darussalam



    Costa Rica


    El Salvador



    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region


    Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) *


    Korean Republic


Macao Special Administrative Region





    Montenegro *

    New Zealand


    Northern Mariana Islands (passports from the US)



    St. Kitts and Nevis

    San Marino

    Serbia **



    Taiwan (only holder of passports which contain identity card number) Uruguay


    Vatican City


    * Only when holding a biometric passport. If not, a visa is required. ** Only when holding a biometric passport. If not, a visa is required, excluding holders of passports delivered by KOORDINACIONA UPRAVA.

    3. Holders of Travel Documents issued under the Geneva Convention of July

    1951, by the following countries:

    Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

    4. Crew members of airlines and merchant navy.

    5. If you hold a valid residence permit in any of the Schengen member states, you are entitled to re-enter the Schengen area without a visa on production of your proof of residence and your passport.

    6. Under Directive 2004/38/EC and according to Real Decreto 240/2007, 16 February, family members of an EU/EEA national in possession of a valid UK Residence Card specifying its condition as a family member do not require a visa to enter Spain when travelling with the EU/EEA National or joining him/her in Spain. Otherwise, a visa will be still required (Real Decreto 1161/2009, 10th July 2009). For spouses and/or children of Spanish Nationals the above condition applies provided that the marriage and/or birth is registered according with the Spanish Civil Register (original Libro de Familia). Please note, that the UK Residence Permit must state literally that the holder is a family member of an EU/EEA National. If not, a visa is required.

    This information applies only to ordinary passports. All other nationalities, not listed above require a visa.

Holders of passports who require a visa to enter Spain

    Afghanistan (1) (2*) Albania

    Algeria (1)

    Angola (2)




    Bangladesh (1) (2*) Belarus (1)





    Bosnia & Herzegovina Botswana

    Burkina Faso


    British Overseas Citizens (3)

    British Overseas Territories Citizens (persons who do not have the right to

    reside in the UK) (3) British Protected Persons (persons under British protection) (3)

    British Subjects (persons who do not have the right to reside in the UK) (3)



    Cape Verde

    Central Africa Republic Chad





    Cuba (2)

    Democratic Republic of Congo (1) (2*)

    Djibouti (2*)


    Dominican Republic East Timor


    Equatorial Guinea (1) Egypt (1)

    Eritrea (2*)

    Ethiopia (2*)


    Frandesspass documents (1) Gabon



    Ghana (2*)


    Guinea (2)

    Guinea-Bissau (2) Guyana

    Haiti (2)

    Hong Kong (when it is not SAR)

    India (2)


    Iran (1) (2*) Iraq (1) (2*) Ivory Coast (2) Jamaica

    Jordan (1)







    Lebanon (1)


    Liberia (2)

    Libya (1)




    Mali (1) (2) Marshall Islands Mauritania (1) Micronesia



    Morocco (1)







    Nigeria (1) (2*) North Korea (1) Oman

    Pakistan (1) (2*) Palau

    Palestine (1) Papua New Guinea Peru

    Philippines (1) Qatar

    Refugee Travel Documents (1)


    Rwanda (1)

    St. Lucia

    St. Vincent and Grenadines


    Sao Tome

    Saudi Arabia (1)

    Senegal (2)

    Sierra Leone (2)

    Solomon Islands

    Somalia (1) (2*)

    South Africa

    South Sudan (1)

    Sri Lanka (1) (2*)

    Sudan (1) (2)

    Suriname (1)


    Syria (1)




    Togo (2)


    Trinidad and Tobago

    Tunisia (1)





    United Arab Emirates


    Uzbekistan (1)


    Vietnam (1)

    Yemen (1)



    The visa will take at least 2 weeks to be issued.

(1) This visa will take at least 4 weeks to process. Included in this category are:

    Palestinians, Refugees and Stateless Persons. Please note that certain documents are not recognised by the Spanish Authorities and are therefore not

    valid to travel to Spain. These include Certificates of Identity issued by the

    Home Office, which are not covered by the Geneva or New York Conventions.

(2) An Airport Transit visa is required if the person is not a permanent resident

    in: Canada, European Union, USA.

    (2*) An Airport Transit visa is not required if resident in: Andorra, Canada,

    European Union, Japan, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, USA, Holders of Diplomatic and Service passports.

    The Airport Transit visa will only allow the holder into the International Lounge and will not permit the passenger entry into Spain.

(3) Passports with European community on the cover do not require a visa.

    Children of any age holding a valid passport will require a visa.

Visa exemptions for school children groups

    Visa exemptions may be obtained for school children normally requiring a visa to travel to Spain as part of an organised school trip, as a group, which must be accompanied by a teacher.

    Pupils who have British passports, but who are British Overseas citizens or British Dependant citizens, will have to apply for visas or be included in the List

    of Travellers form or ‘Visa Waiver Form’.

For further information and application forms, please contact the British Council:

    British Council Customer Services UK

    Bridgewater House

    58 Whitworth Street

    Manchester M1 6BB

    Tel: +44 (0)161 957 7755

    The British Council is an independent organisation and is not connected to the Spanish Consulate.

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