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    Salisbury & District

    Angling Club


    March 2009


     ththThe 68 AGM of the Salisbury & District Angling Club took place on Tuesday 20

    January. Fifty eight members attended.

    The Club is in an extremely healthy position regarding current Membership. Our total membership is over 2000 comprising of over 1400 game members and over 500 coarse members.

    Potential full members will still be able to apply.

The Subscription rates for the 2009/10 Season are as follows:-

    The Subscriptions decided by the Finance Committee and placed before the AGM and approved for 2009/2010 are:

Membership Subscription for existing Members for 2009/2010

Game Full and Associate ?163.00

    Game Senior Citizen ?140.00

    Game Junior. ?54.00

    Coarse Full and Associate. ?78.00

    Coarse Senior Citizen ?60.00

    Coarse Junior. ?27.00

    If you wish to buy Life Membership you have to be a member for five consecutive years or over and must have reached the age of sixty. (Membership Rule No 1.)

    If you are an Associate Member sixty five years or over you will not qualify for Senior Citizen Rate until you have been a member for five consecutive years. (Membership Rule 5).


    Please follow the correct procedure for renewing your subscription for the 2009/10 season by following the instruction detailed at the bottom of page two of the centre fold „pull out‟ in your current Year Book.

    Please! Please! When you receive your new 2009/2010 Year Book please take time to read it through. Check the Fishery Rules and the specific rules for each fishery. It may save you from embarrassing moments when confronting one of our keen bailiffs!

    The Waiting List for potential Associate Members hit the eight hundred figure (equating to a ten year wait) last month. This was enough to warrant a piece in the Saturday Telegraph!

    The Committee has decided to suspend the Associate Waiting List until further notice. The Waiting List for potential full members who qualify by living within fourteen miles of the centre of Salisbury is still open. If associate premium members do not apply for renewal on time (by the end of April) they will be out of the club premium membership for at least 8 years!

    It has been said that property prices have gone up within the fourteen mile radius of Salisbury as it is within the Salisbury and District Angling Club Catchment Area!


    With such a wet and erratic summer climate the high river levels and flows at the beginning of the year carried through most of the season and saw levels in July higher than they were last month Game anglers did not see the expected hatches of fly life. You had to be at the right place at the right time to see them. Some anglers had productive days others had very blank days. This made it very challenging fishing a dry fly up to the first of July. An extreme example of this crazy year was the prolific hatch of mayfly in Salisbury on the 22nd October!

    This aside although the number of visits to our premium fisheries were down on the previous season, catch returns per visit were very similar. Some anglers who chose venture out into the unseasonable conditions were rewarded sometimes with remarkable catches. There is a message there, come down and fish our waters whatever the weather, don‟t forget a bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office!

Specimen Catches.

    Early in the season Steve Trevett caught a Club record perch of 3lb 8 1/2 oz at Bearmead on the Stour and a Club record grass carp weighing 20lb 3oz was captured at Petersfinger by E Wiffin. Very little news trickles back from our coarse membership on how their season was on our lakes and rivers. Rumours of large Barbel and Tench well over the Club record abounded but for fear of a stampede to those particular fisheries anglers kept it a secret and didn‟t claim glory! I can‟t report on any notable catches unless we are told!

    More interest is being shown in the potential of catching Salmon and Sea Trout on our waters. They certainly come up past Salisbury from Christchurch to spawn on the upper reaches of the Wylye, Nadder and Avon. Recent work on a fish pass at Ford on the Bourne will also make it easies for Salmon to populate our Hurdcott and Upper Bourne waters. The best bet of a rod caught Salmon is on our stretches of the Hampshire Avon at Burgate and Charford. The Hampshire Avon Salmon has conservation status. Many initiatives are taking place to preserve and enhance the salmon population. Wessex Salmon Trust lay down recommendations for the correct procedures if you wish to fish for these amazing fish. The following paragraphs will give you guidance.

     Salmon Fishing Rules for the Hampshire Avon.

    Christchurch to Netheravon.

This month sees the start of the Salmon Season

    The following is an extract courtesy of the Christchurch Angling Club from their most excellent Salmon Fishing Handbook.

    Strictly catch and release throughout the season

    Crushed barb or microbarbed hooks only. Avoid trebles because they can do unnecessary damage. stthFly only from 1 February until the 15 May. thstFly and Spinning allowed 15 May 31 August. thstFly, spinning, shrimp/prawn allowed 16 June 31 August.

    No worms at any time.

No gaffs or tailers at any time.

    Use tackle that is strong enough to subdue fish with a minimum of delay. Aim to keep the fish in the water at all times. If a photograph is desired, either take a photo of the fish in the net or briefly lift the fish just above the water surface for the minimum time possible.

    Measure the length of the fish to get an estimate of the weight.

    Support the fish facing upstream, until it has recovered sufficiently for a safe release. Salmon fishing will be suspended during periods of sustained high temperature. i.e. at or above 19 degrees centigrade (66.2 degrees. Fahrenheit). Daily water temperature readings can be viewed at


    Weed growth on the rivers was extremely prolific from the outset, this held up levels and made it extremely difficult to cut at the prescribed times. The water levels prevented the keepers from wading to cut the weed and the launch sites for the weed boat were waterlogged! It is hoped that the WFA and the EA will, with our help locate mid catchment weed take out points on the Avon and Wylye to prevent future problems where we see vast loads of weed at Durnford drifting down from above Durrington holding up on every obstacle and hatch on the way! (See cutting dates)

GAME MEETING. stOur Game Meeting on the 1 November was held at Sportsfish at Theale near

    Reading. Although the turnout was quite low the members who did attend enjoyed the meeting. There was bread and cheese, soft drinks and Tea and Coffee available. Sportfish offered 20% off in their shop and the adjacent Trout Fishery was open to members to fish in the morning at the normal fishery rate.


    Petersfinger Lakes were shut for a total of eleven weeks this season. Wessex Water had a legal obligation to cross our land to lay new sewer pipes. An initial claim for loss of amenity was submitted and was successful. A Claim for the final nine weeks is now being compiled together with a claim through our Land Agents for Easement this is small compensation for our keen Petersfinger fans but the money will be used towards re stocking and general improvements.

    A similar problem was encountered at Harnham on the Nadder. The Environment Agency and their contractor set up a full blown site complex on Middle Street playing field for the flood alleviation scheme denying access to anglers and the public until late spring 2009. The Club was not informed directly of their intentions and we were not as owners of the fishing rights asked to take part in the development. I have tendered an objection to the EA through our ACA /Fish Leagal Solicitor. The solicitor said that he was happy to help as this is happening all to often across the country where EA and other large organisations do not respect the interests of the local angling interests. As a result we have received a letter of apology from the EA Project Manager at Exeter inviting us to settle the matter amicably.


    The ACA, FACT, NAFAC, NFSA and all the main angling bodies have merged into a much stronger organisation to be called the ANGLING TRUST and FISH LEGAL the

    aim is to have more political power such as the RSPB. Having already used Fish Legal to good effect the Club will transfer over to this organisation as an insurance against existing and future problems.


    The trip/dip debate still rumbles on. The EA have issued an edict that triploids must be stocked in preference to triploids. Clubs and commercial fishing on our chalk streams must be fully compliant within the next nine years.


    The Club is exercising its use of the DEFRA culling licence on our fisheries. They are a particular problem on the Avon at Durnford, West Amesbury, the Stour at Wimborne and Petersfinger. A recent European Parliament bulletin shows that the majority of member states within the European Union are in favour of much stricter control of the Cormorant Population. A study revealed that over 300,000 tons of fresh water fish are consumed in Europe each year by the cormorant. This exceeds the total weight of fish that can be bred to replace the losses. Hopefully future control of the cormorant populations will be taken seriously. Please report any sightings to the office so that we may add them to the log of sightings we have to submit to DEFRA.


    This has been the second season a Swan survey has taken place. The survey plotted location, numbers, and ranuncleus growth at fixed sites throughout the summer. The evidence gathered will allow DEFRA and Natural England to use the evidence to control populations on the catchment. Egg oiling seems the favoured method of control if approved.


    As you may have seen in the last Newsletter, we were advertising for a third full time keeper. We have such a large portfolio of fisheries now in the Club that we feel it is necessary to increase our manpower. Matthew Parr was the successful candidate. He has had extensive experience in Chalk Stream Fishery maintenance and is a graduate of Sparsholt College. We congratulate him and welcome him to the Club Team! In addition to our core of three full time keepers there will be an opportunity for members to be part of the organised working parties during the coming year. Where we feel that a project needs a lot of intensive labour, many willing enthusiastic hands will make light work! Set working party dates will be published in the new Year Book. thThe first set working party date for your diary is Saturday 16 May.

    The electrical fishing programme which usually runs over a week in late October will also require volunteers. If anyone is interested please contact us so that we can call upon you when necessary.


    Among our staunch army of helpers this year was Chris Thomas who was the Hon. Bailiff Co-Ordinator. Unfortunately due to extra commitments elsewhere he had to tender his resignation. We have a worthy replacement in the form of Brian Phillips. thHe is working with the team to arrange the Bailiffs Meeting on Tuesday 17 March at

    the Cycling Club. Salt Lane, Salisbury. All bailiffs will be informed.

    With the rivers in their present state and weather permitting, a promise of an excellent season‟s fishing seems possible. In these days of political and financial meltdown it is best, like Monty Python to “look on the bright side of life”! Just forget it and go fishing!

    If anyone at any time has a question or just want to drop in for a chat the Cart Shed HQ is open five days a week but please phone ahead if you are coming to make sure we are not out on Club Business.

    Thanks to all the Committee, Conrad, Steve and Roger for all their hard work over the past year, this certainly, from what I hear from members, does not go un-appreciated.

Thanks very much -----Tight Lines. Ricky Polden

    John Eddie

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    For All Your

    Tackle and Sports Goods


    20 Catherine Street


    Tel: 01722328535


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    Tel: 01264 351469

    Your Sport Is Our Business”

Above is a copy of the Accounts supplied by Fawcetts and presented to the AGM for thapproval on the 20 January 2009

    As can be seen the Club had a very successful financial year, and is in a very good financial position. Income increased by ?16,000 in line with the 2008 requirements for that year. Expenditure did increase for the year but not at the rate that was expected, hence a good margin of excess over income.

    This next year will I believe be a demanding year for the Club, but I believe we are in a very strong financial position. There can not be many Clubs that can boast a waiting list of 10 years

    I would like to thank the finance committee and general committee for their assistance and support during this year.

Con Evans Club Administrator


    For most of us, whichever way you look at it and despite the fact that we are living through the current financial turmoil, life is easier today than it‟s ever been. Please

    note the use of the word „easier‟, not the word „better‟. For all our convenience, computers, comfortable cars and tackle addiction I can‟t help but feel that we‟ve lost something. There is a deep inbuilt part of the human psyche that is the result of timeless evolution, the part that connects us to the natural world around us. Fishing provides that connection to a certain degree, but my own experience is that over and above the connection that comes through being on the water I am grounded to the natural world increasingly through my physical work on the rivers. Put any of us in the outdoors for a few hours, add a dash of honest toil and I defy you to not feel better the next day. Tired out maybe, a little ache here, a pain there, but you will be happier, more satisfied.

    Luckily, for those of us beholden to desk jobs or a relatively sedentary life I have the answer!

    Salisbury & District now look after approximately twenty miles of river bank and seven Stillwater fisheries. Maintaining these waters can be an arduous, long and oft thankless task and one that I‟m very proud to say that our three keepers manage admirably. That said if we want to move forward to improving habitat and fishing on our existing waters, or expand to new waters we need your help.

    Throughout the last few years we have been holding regular work parties. A core of people has been turning up; working hard and this little gang of supporters have contributed an enormous amount to their club.

    It‟s not all just about being spiritually & physically healthier; it‟s not even just about helping your club. I‟ve saved the best secret for last.

    There is a reason that so many of the people who turn up to the work parties are associate members. You will get to see the water from a totally different side, spend a day with some of the bailiffs and regulars to a water and the keepers of the club. The day of work will, I guarantee, give you a better understanding of the water and perhaps let you see waters that you wouldn‟t normally fish. It will improve your rivercraft and thus your fishing ability.

I can‟t promise anything about your casting though, that‟s best left to the experts…

    Please feel free, young or old, to come join us on the day. Let the office know that you will attend (01722 321164), or sign up to the Internet forums

    ( and let us know via that route.

Work parties have been set for the following dates over the forthcoming season: thththndMay 16, July 26, September 19 and November 22. Electro fishing week will be thrd19 October 23 October.

Malcolm Anderson Vice Chairman, Game


     For those of you that were unable to attend this years AGM I would like to inform you of the litter problem that we have experienced recently. Roger Hunt, one of our river keepers had the unenviable task of collecting over 3 black bin bags of litter from our Steeple Langford fishery. This was made up of a varied mix of beer cans, milk cartons, various food packaging, glass bottles etc and included some unsavoury items that no one should have to deal with. (We do have an onsite toilet!) This is totally unacceptable and consequently we have had to discipline 3 members who will not be fishing our waters for 2 seasons. The club take litter and all rule breaking very seriously and will not tolerate any transgressions, this will be actively and rigorously enforced this coming season, especially at Steeple Langford. Ignorance

    of the rules relating to a water is not regarded as an excuse as such rules are in the membership book. It is the members' responsibility to read the rules each year and also take notice of updates in the newsletters, or local signs at each water. So please do familiarise yourselves especially page 2 at the bottom. And because of the above we will be requiring members to sign in on each visit to Langford in this coming season. Can I just remind members that lost and discarded tackle is also litter and if it cannot be retrieved safely could they please report it as soon as possible either through a bailiff or the club office. (Number in the book)

New opening/closing times

     A bit of a heads up as there has been a change of opening and closing times at Steeple Langford and Petersfinger lakes as from the coming season. The lakes will ststnow open on 1 June 2009 at 08:00 and close on 1 April 2010 at 08:00, no access

    to either fishery for members during the closed period. It will however still close at st00:00 on 31 March 2009 this current season. This change means you can fish as

    soon as the gates are unlocked so no long wait.


     I would like to thank all the bailiffs for their continued support as most of them are anglers, like you‟, and have full time jobs and families. Having previously been one myself I can fully understand the trials and tribulations associated with the task. The roles of the bailiff are many. These include, reporting back regularly to our water keepers, patrolling waters each week, checking members‟ rod licences and

    permits, ensuring that these are valid and are properly filled in with name, address and signed photograph glued in the book. Checking for pollution or other problems, which could endanger our fisheries or compromise members' safety i.e. broken stiles or bridges, trees down, litter, lost tackle, ensuring our signs are in clear view, that members fish within the rules of the club and report all members who break them.

Coarse Fishery Returns Form

    Please can all members who have fished any of the coarse waters please return this form with your new application, this will help in our ongoing improvement programme. Approximate/estimates will suffice. Your assistance is much appreciated.

Dave Winter -Vice Chairman Coarse

    Season 2008 -2009

Fishery Visits

    Petersfinger Lakes

    Steeple Langford Lakes

    Wellow Lakes

    Town Water and Parsonage Farm

    Constable, Deanery and Orchard Meadows



    Countess and Lords Walk

    Waldens Farm

    Witherington Farm


Download Form MS Word Click Here

Download Form pdf Click Here

All things Online Bill Latham

    We now have an online facility to submit your daily trout catch return. This has been tested over the last couple of months after a suggestion at the Game Meeting held at Sportfish last year.

This form is in addition and NOT a replacement for the Return Books that are sited at

    most game fisheries. Gaining up to date information has always been difficult with the book system and impossible at fisheries like Amesbury where a secure site is not available.

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