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Weeds to Wetlands - Department of Water Resourcesof,to,Of,Water,water,weeds


    Come Back Alive

    California Aqueduct Safety

    Video Audio


    (fade-up from black)

    Although it’s legal to visit the California Reporter speaking to camera at the aqueduct, and wearing a life jacket. Aqueduct, it’s illegal to swim here.

     That’s because the aqueduct’s current is

     dangerously unpredictable… and if you

     fall in, you can easily drown.

     Even experienced swimmers are in real

    danger here.


     To avoid tragedies, DWR recommends Wide shot of adolescents zipping up

    their life jackets. that children, and adults, always wear a

    Same children approach aqueduct to life jacket when near the aqueduct. fish.

    A sequence that includes a boom box And if your fishing and something falls rolling down the aqueduct’s liner, and the desire to retrieve the item is into the water,.. just let it go. aborted.

    CU of boom box floating by the It isn’t worth risking your life to rescue aqueduct’s edge of the water.

    something that’s replaceable.

    But if you do fall in, there is a practical Angler slips and enters the aqueduct.

    way to get yourself out.


    Angler tries to climb the slippery sides First, totally forget about climbing the to no avail.

     aqueduct’s steep sides.

    Two camera views of thick algae below Besides being steep, they’re coated with the water’s edge

     slippery algae just below the water’s

     edge,.. making it impossible to escape

     without some kind of help.

    A sequence of angler using the proper The best way out is to swim or float technique for getting out of the

    aqueduct. downstream, with the current, to a

     safety ladder.

    Angler uses the aqueduct’s safety Safety ladders are located every ladder to climb out of the aqueduct.

     thousand feet on each side of the


    POV shot of camera moving across the Because the aqueduct’s current can aqueduct to a safety ladder.

     overpower your best swimming skills,

     never try to swim across its width to a


     (new inflection)

    Angler swims to a float line. The only other practical way out, is to use

     an aqueduct float line.


    LS - Camera pans a check structure Float lines are located in front of every

    with its float line. aqueduct check structure.

    Angler uses a float line to escape the In an emergency you can grab aqueduct.

     one of these and pull yourself out.

    Several floatable objects hit the water. And of course, if you ever see someone

     fall in, throw them something that floats.


    The best way to avoid drowning in the Reporter speaking to camera at the

     aqueduct, and wearing a life jacket.

    California Aqueduct is to totally stay

    away. But if you must go near, wear

    your life jacket.

    This is Victoria Waters reporting for the Reporter gestures to her life jacket.

    California Department of Water


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