learning about language and grammar!11

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learning about language and grammar!11

    Checking answer – I (2m)Answer keys for Ex.1 on Page 19:1.___________completelytotally

    revolution2.___________complete change

    so…that3.___________to make something happen

    birth4.___________when a baby or animal is born

    simple-minded5.___________unable to understand difficult things

    go by6.___________pass

    deal with7.___________take correct action

    network8.___________broadcast on several different channels




    10.__________used to show that something happens in spite of

    a problem

Checking answer – II (2m)

    Answer keys for Ex.2 on Page 20:

    1.revolution 2. network 3. so …that 4. went by 5. totally 6. simple-minded

     7. Anyway 8. deal with

    Checking answer – III ( 4m )Answer keys for Ex.3 on Page 20:1.Life (total/totally)changed when I went to university.2.I was (amazed / amazing) to find that I won the

    competition to design a new computer.3.The competition was so (excited / exciting) that we

    cheered all evening.

    4.I was so (excited/ exciting) at the thought of meeting

    Yang Liwei that I could not sleep.5.Robots can be bought so (cheap/ cheaply )that I gave one

    to each of my friends.

    6.It was so (unlucky/ unluckily) that you lost your watch at

    the concert.

Page 20

    have/ has been done1.The new bridge over the Yellow River has just

    been completed.

     2.Many more buildings have been built in the

    past ten years.

    否定式( have/ has not been done疑现式: have/ has +主现+been done

    Change the following sentences into the present perfect passive voice. Put the verbs into the correct form.(P20)

    1.We have bought a new personal computer.A new personal computer has been bought by us.

    2.We have found many problems with our new


    Many problems have been found with our new computer by us.

    3. They have built a PC the way we wanted.A PC has been built the way we wanted by them.4. They have just joined our computer to the Internet.

    Our computer has been joined to the Internet by them.

    5. We have used the computer every day since we bought it.

    The computer has been used every day since we bought it.

    6. We have written a lot of e-mails on the computer in the past year.

    A lot of e-mails have been written on the computer in the past year.


    He has thought of a way of solving the problem.

    =A way of solving the problem has been thought of.

    2.break out/ happen/ take place/ arrive/ become/ die/ disappear etc

    Eg.The accident which happened yesterday

    surprised me.

    3.give /send/bring/ take/teach/show/ tell/ make/ sing/ write/ sell/buy/ ask/ pay/ borrow/ lend/ hand/ offer/provide/ pass/get/promise

    Eg.I have given him the


    1=He has been given the book.

    2=The book has been given to him.

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