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Welcome to Chistryto,TO

Welcome to Chemistry

Chemistry is the Science Full of Fun and Excitements

Lecture Notes - General Chemistry 1


These “Brief Notes” of General Chemistry I are taken from the textbook “Chemistry” by Raymond Chang, 6th edition,


It is therefore very important when studying these notes- to review the selected sections of each chapter from the

    textbook first.

I hope that these “Brief Notes” will serve their purpose in promoting better understanding for chemistry in general and

    improving the outcome of the overall grades of the undergraduate students.

Dr. Maher Atteya


Chapter 1: Chemistry: The study of Change

Chemistry is the center of basic sciences because it is needed in almost every area of science such as biology,

    biochemistry, medicine geology, ecology etc..

Important areas of chemistry in the present and future:

1. Health/medicine:

    - disease prevention and control

    -new drug production etc..

    2. Energy and environment:

    - emission control

    - energy efficient technologies such as solar energies

    3. Material and technology

    - new chemical products/ new and advanced chemical industries 4. Food/ agriculture:

    - new biotechnologies to produce more food

    - efficient fertilizers

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The Scientific method:

- The scientific method is a systematic approach to research. The scientific method follows the following steps:

    1. Defining the problem

    2. Performing actual experiment: collecting data. These data can be: a. qualitative: based on general observations

    b. quantitative: based on experimental results

    3. Hypothesis:

    - interpretation of the obtained data

    - tentative explanation for a set of observations

    - hypothesis also can be considered as educated guess.

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