Study Abroad Application form2010

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Study Abroad Application form2010

Office of International Affairs Please staple one passport

    APPLICATION FOR STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS size photograph here. ? I am an Exchange applicant.

    ? I am a Visiting applicant.

    Please ensure that all the information is entered CLEARLY in BLOCK CAPITALS.


    Title: Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other

    Family Name: Sex:

    Given Names: (in full) Citizenship:

    Date of Birth: Day Month Year Passport Number:

    Permanent Address: Mailing Address: (if different)

     Between which dates is this address valid?

Telephone: Country code Area code Local number Telephone:

    Fax: (if available) Country code Area code Local number Fax:



    I wish to begin study at Korea University in Academic Year 20____ ? Semester 1 (Mar-June) ? Semester 2 (Sep-Dec) Study Option: ? Whole Year ? Semester 1 (Mar-June) ? Semester 2 (Sep-Dec)

    I wish to enroll in the following subjects, in order of preference:

    Department 1:

    Department 2:


    Are you currently enrolled at a post secondary institution (college, graduate school, etc.)? ? Yes ? No If Yes, please write the details below.

    Name of Institution:


Contact Office:

    Telephone: Country code Area code Local number Contact Person:

    Fax: (if available) Country code Area code Local number Email:

EDUCATIONAL RECORD / Academic transcripts are required for all institutions attended

    Qualification Institution Country Duration Date



    Is Korean your first language? ? Yes ? No If not please answer the below.

    Were your secondary/undergraduate studies conducted in Korean? ? Yes ? No

    If yes, attach certified documentary evidence

    Have you taken any Korean language courses before? ? Yes ? No If yes, attach certified documentary evidence with the duration of study Have you taken a Korean proficiency test in the past two years or are you? ? Yes ? No

    If yes, Grade________________ Date of test __________________

    Attach the original or certified copy of your result.

    In order to take Korean language courses at Korea University, Placement Test is compulsory. Do you intend to take the Placement Test during the Orientation? ? Yes ? No


    I have included with this application form:

    ; Application Fee of USD50 (non-refundable) payable by bank cheque to Korea University (for VSP students only) ; Statement of Purpose and Goals

    ; Academic Transcript

    ; Certificate of Enrolment

    ; Letter of Recommendation

    ; Copy of Student Health Insurance (before or after receiving the admissions letter)

    ; Two Passport-sized Photographs

    ; Copy of Passport

    ; Nomination Letter from the Home Institution

    NOTE: Copies of documents can be certified by staff of your home institution with her/his name, title, and contact details written.


    I declare that the information submitted in this application is true and correct. I authorize the University to obtain information

    from any educational institution previously or currently attended by me. If any information supplied by me is considered to

    be untrue, incomplete or misleading in any respect, I understand the University may take such action including the disclosure of the information to any person or body. I understand the University reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision made on the basis of untrue, incomplete or misleading information.

Signature Date ( dd / mm /yy )

    Send your complete application & application fee to: APPLICATION DEADLINES Office of International Affairs KOREA UNIVERSITY Semester1: November 15 Anam-Dong, Sungbuk-Gu, Seoul 136-701 KOREA Semester2: May 15 Tel: +82 2 3290 1151~1152 Email:

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