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Unit 5 Outlinedoc - colgur chistryUnit 5

Chemistry 11 Unit 5- Outline

    Chemistry 11 Unit 5The Mole Concept

    Unit Outline

    Topic Activity

    Introduction to Unit 5 Hydrogen Bomb Demonstration using different H/air ratios. 2

    History of Atomic Mass Brief Explanation of Dalton’s Relative Masses. See p. 77 SW.

     Gay-Lussac’s Combining Volumes. See p. 77 SW.

     Avogadro’s Hypothesis. See p. 77 SW.

     Do Ex. 3 & 4 on p. 78 of SW.

    Definition of a Mole Class Explanation of Definition of a Mole. See p. 83 SW.

Molar Mass & Moles Definition of Molar Mass. See p. 79 SW.

     Calculations of Molar Mass using Atomic Masses. See p.79 SW.

     Do Ex. 6 (a-h) and 7 (a-b) on p. 80 of SW.

     Class Examples of Grams ; Moles conversions. See p. 81 SW.

     Do Ex. 8 (a-d), 9 (a-f) and 10 (a-c) on p. 82 of SW.

     Do Experiment 4BMoles of Iron and Copper

    Molar Volume & Moles Class Explanation of Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP)

     and Molar Volume of Gases. See p. 82-83 of SW.

     Do Ex. 11 (a-c) and 12 (a-c) on p. 83 of SW.

     Class Examples of Combination Mass ; Mole ; Volume


     Hand-In Assignment # 4 Mass-Mole-Volume Conversions

     Do Experiment 7BThe Molar Volume of a Gas

    Moles, Molecules and Class Explanation of Conversions between Moles ; Molecules Atoms and between Molecules ; Atoms. See p. 83-85 of SW.

     More Class Examples of Combination Mole Problems

    Do Ex. 15 (a-d), 16 (a-b), 17 (a-b), 18 (a-c) and 19 p. 84-85 SW.

     Class ―Mole Conversion Diagram‖ and Multiple Mole

     Conversions. See p. 85-86 of SW.

     Do Ex. 22 (a-b), 23 (a-d) and 24 (a-d) on p. 86-87 of SW.

    Review of Density and Explanation of how it relates to Mole Density & Mole

    Calculations Calculations. See p. 87-88 of SW.

     Do Ex. 25, 27, 28 and 29 on p. 88 of SW.

    Mole Conversion Do selected exercises from page 88-90 in SW. Summary

     Hand-In Assignment #5 Summary of Mole Conversions

    Chemistry 11 Unit5 Outline Page 1 of 2

Chemistry 11 Unit 5- Outline

    Topic Activity

    Percent Composition and See Examples on p. 90 of SW.

    Empirical Formulas See Tutorial 5-1 (Section on % Composition) Handout

     Do Ex. 44 (a, g & n) and 45 (b) on p. 91 of SW.

     Go over the section on Empirical and Molecular Formulas in

     Tutorial 5-1.

     Do the Self-Test on Tutorial 5-1

     See examples on pages 91-95 of SW.

     Do Ex. 46 (d, g & m) on p. 93 & Ex. 48 and 52 on p. 95 of SW.

     Do Experiment 5-1 - Percent Oxygen in KClO 3

Molar Concentration Class review of solutions, solutes and solvents. Explanation of

     Molar Concentration and Calculations. See p. 96-98 in SW.

    Do Ex. 59 (b, d & f), 60 (c & e), 62 & 64 on p. 98 of SW.

Dilution Calculations Class Explanation of the Dilution Formula.

     See pages100-101 in SW.

     Do Ex. 78, 82, 89, & 91 on p. 102-103 of SW.

     Do Hand-In Assignment #6Percent Composition, Empirical

     and Molecular Formulas, Molarity and Dilution Calculations

Summary and Test Do a Review of Unit 5

    Test on Unit 5

    Chemistry 11 Unit5 Outline Page 2 of 2

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