Unit 11 Applied Science of Hair Relaxing

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Unit 11 Applied Science of Hair Relaxingof,hair,Hair,unit

PATHWAY: Personal Care Services

    COURSE: Cosmetology Services-Core III

    UNIT 11: HS-CSIII-11 Applied Science of Hair Relaxing


    Students will learn all aspects of hair relaxing including how to make a client card, conduct a client consultation, and perform timed virgin and retouch relaxers through multiple practices. Students will also understand special problem areas, the methods for correcting problems, and the importance of following all safety standards when performing the services.


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     21 Hours


    Coni Hardy

Students with Disabilities:

    For students with disabilities, the instructor should refer to the student's IEP to be sure that the

    accommodations specified are being provided. Instructors should also familiarize themselves with the

    provisions of Behavior Intervention Plans that may be part of a student's IEP. Frequent consultation with a

    student's special education instructor will be beneficial in providing appropriate differentiation.

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GPS Focus Standards:

    HS-CS-III-16. Students will demonstrate timed relaxer applications using mannequins or clients.

    Applications performed will include virgin relaxers and retouch relaxers. Students will

    evaluate special problems that could occur while relaxing hair.

     a) Demonstrate timed virgin and retouch relaxers.

     b) Record information from relaxer services on client record card.

     c) Evaluate special problems’ area of concern in hair relaxers and assess methods of


    HS-CS-III-17. Students will perform hair relaxer services using proper safety, infection control, and

    Hazardous Duty Standards Act in all procedures.

     a) Describe safety standards and precautions when performing hair relaxer services.

     b) Perform hair relaxer services using safety procedures and infection control guidelines.

GPS Academic Standards:

    SCSh2 Students will use standard safety practices for all classroom laboratory and field


     a) Follow correct procedures for use of scientific apparatus.

     b) Demonstrate appropriate techniques in all laboratory situations.

     c) Follow correct protocol for identifying and reporting safety problems and violations.

Enduring Understandings:

    A good record of previous services enables the hairdresser to provide quality consultations. It is important

    to realize that correct procedure and timing affect the outcome of the relaxer and that overlapping

    products can cause breakage.

Essential Questions:

    ; If a hairdresser takes too long to apply a product what can happen?

    ; What chemical process takes place during a relaxer?

    ; What chemical process takes place during the neutralizing stage?

Knowledge from this Unit:

    Students will be able to:

    ; Decide if a client needs a retouch or a virgin application.

    ; Know how to analyze and fill out a record card.

    ; Recognize special problems.

    ; Know recommendations for correction of special problems.

Skills from this Unit:

    Students will:

    ; Perform timed virgin and retouch relaxers using thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide.

    ; Record information on a record card.

    ; Correctly analyze hair structure prior to service.

    ; Use safety and infection control procedures.

    ; Prevent chemical burns when using relaxing products.

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    ; A virgin relaxer is for hair not previously relaxed. The procedure is in three steps. Begin at the

    midshaft which is called the cold shaft, proceed to the part of the scalp known as the heat zone, and

    pull through the ends which may be porous.

3. Review no-base and base.

    ; No-base means the service does not require a protective base on the scalp prior to the relaxer.

    (Special note: all relaxers require a base around the hairline and ears.)

    ; Base means the service requires the application of base over the entire scalp.

    4. Discuss the terms lye and no-lye. These are terms used to describe the chemicals in the relaxer. If the relaxer

    has lye it is stronger than no-lye and refers to sodium hydroxide perms. If the relaxer has no- lye it is the

    weaker product and refers to thiogycolate perms. These products must never be overlapped due to different

    chemical properties and will result in hair breakage and damage.

5. Give students a copy of the Procedures for Relaxers Handout. Go through each step and make sure that

    students understand every step. Let students ask questions. Once students understand the procedures, give

    them the Relaxers Chemical Texture Services Lab Sheet.

    6. Explain and demonstrate each procedure one at a time. Have the students practice and complete their lab

    sheets using the procedure sheet as guide. Provide student commentary and feedback after each service


7. Have students perform each procedure for a third time as you grade them using the Relaxers Grade Sheet.

    8. Summary: Discuss with students how their procedures went. Allow students to provide feedback, tips, and

    questions for you and other students. Students need to be comfortable with each procedure to ensure they

    successfully complete the Mastery Test.


    GPS Focus Standards Poster

    Essential Questions Poster

    Key Terms Poster

    Safety Procedures and Infection Control Guidelines for Relaxers Handout

    Special Problem and Correction Directions Handout

    Special Problem and Correction Rubric

    Procedures for Relaxers Handout

    Relaxers Chemical Texture Services Lab Sheet

    Relaxers Grade Sheet

Culminating Unit Performance Task Title:

     Mastery Test

    Culminating Unit Performance Task Description/Directions/Differentiated Instruction:

    To prepare for this test, have students roll a curly perm on a mannequin using grey rods. Allow it to

    completely dry. Students will take the hair down and pick it out into an afro. Give each student a different task

    card. They will complete their task in a timed setting using the proper method with teacher observation. They

    may not talk or use notes. To make task cards: write one of the procedures on enough index cards for the

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    students. Give each student a different task (each card should have one of the four mastery task on it.) Use

    the Relaxers Grade Sheet to score students.

Attachments for Culminating Performance Task:

    Relaxers Grade Sheet

Web Resources:

Materials & Equipment:

    ; Card stock

    ; Mannequins

    ; Perm equipment

    ; Gloves

    ; Neutralizing shampoo

    ; Shaving cream or gel

    ; Applicator brush or rattail comb

    ; Base chemicals

    ; Index cards

    ; Computer with Internet access

    ; Projection equipment

     st21 Century Technology Used:

    X Slide Show Software Graphing Software Audio File(s)

     Interactive Whiteboard Calculator Graphic Organizer

     Student Response System Desktop Publishing Image File(s)

     Web Design Software Blog Video

     Animation Software Wiki Electronic Game or Puzzle Maker

     Email X Website

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