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Lesson planplan,Plan

     Lesson Plan

     Class 2

     Subject: English



    Lesson Plan

    Date: May 6th Period: 45 minutes Class: 2 Grade: 1 in high school

    Teaching material: Reading part in text of unit 2, English Book 1 P.21P.23

    Type of the class: Reading

    Teaching aims: Teaching objectives:

    1 To introduce and develop the theme of growing pains 2 To develop speaking ability by talking about families and problems that happen between teenagers and parents 3 To know more about classmates and their families

4 To develop the skills of how to read a play

    5 To know about American family life and problems that happen between American teenagers and their parents

    6 To form a positive attitude towards solving problems between teenagers and parents

    Teaching procedures:

I Teaching procedure and time allotment:

     Getting students ready for class. 5

    1. Getting students to order.

    2. is everybody here ?class begins!

3. Exchanging greeting with students.

    I Good afternoon,guys. The weather is so nice,so ,how is you holiday?

    3. Telling students the teaching contents.

     Ok, lets us come to learn The Growing Pains.firstly, I want to show you some pictures,have your see the film?ok,a beautiful songs for you !

?.Teaching new material. 35

    1) Picture talking (pair work)

    Ask Ss to look at the pictures. Imagine the situations and try to describe them as fully as possible with their own words. Make sure that Ss have “when”, “where”, “who”, “what” in your descriptions.

    Invite some Ss to report back their descriptions.

2) Sharing opinions (group work)

    In this part, Ss discuss the following questions in groups of four. Each group chooses two of the four questions. Have Ss to report their opinions in class.

Questions for discussion:

    What kind of behaviors of yours will make your parents feel unhappy? List as many as you can.

    *not doing homework,

    *not getting up on time,

    *spending too much time or money on …

    *bad school behaviours

    *not helpful with housework

    *making friends with persons that parents don’t like


(Comprehension focus)

    1 Remind Ss of the instructions on reading a play before reading First reading and checking out Part A on page 22

    Second reading (following the tape) and checking out C1 & C2 on page 24

    More comprehension questions:

    Why does Eric sound frightened when he sees his parents back? How does Mom know that the dog is tired and hungry? What does Dad mean by saying “This is not a family where bad behavior goes unpunished…”?

2Thinking after reading:

    Ask Ss to use their imagination and think of an end to the play.

    Do you think Eric and Daniel will explain to their parents what has happened? Or will the parents go and ask the boys what has happened?

    If you were one of the children what would you do? Would you remain silent or would you offer an explanation to your parents?

     Assignment: 5

    1 Read the play aloud with partners.

    2 Underline difficult words or sentences that need explaining.

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