By Theodore Watkins,2014-05-29 17:11
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    In the past few decades, with rapid economic development, China's education in general has been a lot of developed, And according to the actual national conditions and social needs ;we decided develop

    the quality-oriented education, Currently, we have implemented a nine-year compulsory education. It includes three stages of the kindergarten, primary school and junior high school. Chinese government will pay the education free for every student in order to make sure every child will receive this part of the education. Moreover, we can also accept high school and college as well as more advanced education. but they does not belong to compulsory education, so We need to pass the exam through our own efforts to obtain appropriate educational opportunities. I think I have been received a good education, and thank my parents for all the support they had given me. it's very lucky that I have the opportunity to receive education to the university.

    In addition;I still kept in touch with several teachers and some students. When we have holidays each year, we always visit each other and sometimes visit some of our teachers. With the accumulation of time;our friendship is becoming more and more

    firmly. So I really enjoy it and I believe it will be a very important part of my life.

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