Pillar's Travellog To HEISHUI

By Loretta Morales,2014-05-28 11:38
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Pillar's Travellog To HEISHUI

    HelloI am just back from HEISHUI KALONGGOU valley now sharing my journey with you. It was very cold there freezing snowing but interesting.


     The unexpected mud-flood prolonged our trip to 12 hours4 hours longer than original. More than 10000 automobiles had piled up along the road since WENCHUAN. At 19'o clock we got HEISHUI county which is

    remote and light populated. The 1st impression came to me was the free life style. The majority of the population

    there is TIBETAN but most of the shop-owners are HAN people who were laid off from factories in different cities. Some of them have been there for years leading a poor but simple life.


     Excited and tiredbecaused of the prolonged tripgetting off the bus we ran into a local tour guide waiting for his groupprobably delayed by the mud-flood. From him we got a bargain accomodation20RMB each night.

    after laid down our heavy backpacks we started our search in the town for food but it's frustrating for there was

    no special flavor. anyhow a twice-cooked meal and noodles refreshed my body. On our way back to the hostel

    a shop drew my attention. it sold tibetan clothes. i chose a gilet for myself while my girl asked for a

    made-to-order. In those gilets we continued our hunt in the town. our strange dressing style attracted many local eyes on us and a bunch of local children at our heels. A HAN shop-owner even carefully asked us if we are HAN

    or TIBETAN.giggle

     finished this day with a comfortable sleep in the hostel which was small but clean.


     Early in the morningafter the daily cleaning task i stepped out into the yard. At the very moment a snow mountain came into my eyes. With all the gears on my back we came to bus station but was told there was no

    regular bus to the spot which means we had to rent a minibus. Expensive but it was the only solution because

    we are not tough enough to hike to the valley which was some 71km away from the town.

     On the minibus the driver told us that communists are not welcomed here. Being asked why he said their

    lives used to be difficult because the poverty of the land could bring them only enough for one family but now

    the "farms give way for forestration"projectTUIGENGHUANLIN is pushing them to the verge of starvation

    and the tourism is not so advanced that life could be changed through it. I had heard of lots of projects about

    developing tourism in HEISHUI so was wondering what it could be in the future. Mr driver told that only limited authorized companies would be allowed to contract the transportation industry from the county to the spot so

    most of the locals would not get the profit.

     What was most shocking---I saw a real hunter---with a gun and a long tibetan sword. driver told us nowadays

    the number of hunters decreased drastically for guns had been baned and expropriated. It reminded me of the traditional tibetan hat made of fox fur which was beyond of my affordability.sighif only me could get one...

     On arriving the spot we wrote down the phone number of the driver for

     we still ned him tomorrow. To be frank the spot was not that beautiful but the scenery on the way to the

    spot was much more absorbing. Heavy snow could be seen everywherewalking through the bush becoming

    difficult from time to time melted snow drop into my collar freezing. and the plank road was extremely slip

    too much steps made snow into ice. probably it was May Day holiday too much tourists therei don't like it.


     Coming out of the spot surprised no cars available no signal for mobiles even no settled-phone usable.

    Huh,;We lost our touch with the driver Have to walk back to townAnyhow we started our hiking. Some

    5km later ran into a tractor. It was my 1st time to hitch-hike on a tractor.i'd like to have a try again if possible

    about 10 minutes later we had to get off. Continued our hiking. 5 minutes another bus came. on the bus many

    girls in sight along the road waving to us through the windows. Those tibetans are really hospitable even a girl

    squating in a field relieving nature waved to usgiggle. Just like this we hitch-hiked back to town.and all the drivers who offered us a free ride were local tibetan although we saw many HAN driver in cars but no one

    replied to our help-request. how so... We are all HAN people but no help from our own people in our reach while we are in need of it.

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