Rome (Italy)

By Pamela Roberts,2014-05-28 11:38
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Rome (Italy)

Rome (Italy)

    There's no escaping it Rome means history. There are layers of the stuff - Etruscan;伊特鲁里亚的? tombs Republican meeting rooms Imperial

    temples early Christian churches medieval bell towers Renaissance

    ;文艺复兴? palaces and baroque basilicas;长方形基督教堂?。 In this

    city a phenomenal concentration of history legend and monuments coexists

    ;共存? with an equally phenomenal concentration of people busily going about their everyday life. It's hard to say what you'll find most breathtaking;惊人的? about the eternal city - the arrogant opulence of the Vatican;梵蒂冈?or the timelessness;永恒? of the Forum;古罗马


     about 20km inland. It's Rome is halfway down Italy's western coast

    a vast city but the historic centre is quite small. Most of the major sights are within a reasonable distance of the central railway station. It is for instance possible to walk from the Colosseum;罗马圆形大

    剧场?? through the Forum up to Piazza di Spagna;西班牙广场? and across

    to the Vatican in one day but you wouldn't really want to. All the major monuments are west of the train station but make sure you use a map.

    While it can be enjoyable to get off the beaten track;平坦的路? in Rome

    it can also be very frustrating and time-consuming.

     Most of the budget;便宜的? places to stay are clustered around Stazione Termini this area is rife with pickpockets;扒手? and gangs

    of thieving children so beware - do your best to look like you know where you're going. It is only slightly more expensive and definitely more enjoyable to stay closer to the city centre.

     Rome's mild climate makes it visitable year-round however spring

    and autumn are without doubt the best times to visit with generally sunny

    skies and mild temperatures. Unfortunately these times are also the peak

    tourist season when the tour buses pour in;川流不息的涌入? and tourists

    are herded around like cattle. July and August are unpleasantly hot and

    Romans traditionally desert the stiflingly hot city in August with many

    businesses closing try to avoid visiting at this time. From December to February there is briskly cold weather although it's rarely grey and


     Events-wise Italy's calendar bursts year-round with cultural events ranging from colourful traditional celebrations with a religious and traditional flavour through to cultural events. Summer is definitely the best time to visit if you want to catch the best of the festivals

    however the Romaeuropa festival is now a feature of the autumn calendar

the Roma opera season runs from December until June and the classical and

contemporary music scene is lively all year round.

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