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Story Words and Skills - Scottsoro Electric Power BoardWords,And,Story,story,and,words,board,Power,power,Board

    First Grade Reading Street

    Unit 1.1: Sam, Come Back! -

    Taken from

    Selection Words: Amazing Words:

     1. needs things people must have to live

     2. responsibility things you are expected to do

    3. shelter place you live

    4. cuddle hold somebody or something for

    warmth or love Phonemic Awareness:

    5. tickle touch someone lightly and make them Blend & Segment Phonemes

    laugh Isolate Final Sounds

    6. faithful - always there for you Identify Position of Sounds

    7. fetch - go get something

    8. heel follow closely at your heels Phonics:

     Short a and Final ck

    Grammar: Sentences

    Writing Trait: Voice Comprehension:

    Big Question: How do people take care of pets? Character

     Monitor & Fix Up

    Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. bat

    1. at 8. mad 1. in

    2. can 9. ran 2. on

    3. cat 10. sack 3. way

    4. back 11. way

    5. dad 12. on

    6. am


    Unit 1.2: Pig in a Wig -

    Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. play to perform on a musical instrument 1. career an occupation or profession

     2. service-work done to help others

    3. tool something that helps people do work

    4. scrub clean by rubbing hard

    5. sloppy wet or messy Phonemic Awareness:

    6. exercise - move your body to keep it in shape Blend & Segment Phonemes

    7. comfort- someone or something that makes Blend Phonemes

    you feel better Isolate Initial & Final Sounds

    8. search look for something carefully


     Short i and Final x

    Grammar: Naming Parts of Sentences Comprehension:

    Writing Trait: Conventions Realism & Fantasy

    Big Question: How can people help animals? Summarize

Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. pin

    1. did 8. sit 1. and

    2. fix 9. six 2. take

    3. in 10. wig 3. up

    4. it 11. and

    5. lip 12. take

    6. mix


    Unit 1.3: The Big Blue Ox -

     Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. mud wet dirt 1. past has already happened 2. town large group of houses and buildings, 2. present happening right now smaller than a city 3. produce make or create something

     4. transportation a way of moving people or

    things from one place to another Phonemic Awareness:

    5. danger something that can hurt you Blend and Segment Phonemes

    6. serve to do work for or to help Adding Ending Phonemes/s/, /z/

    7. snuggle lie close to someone and get Isolate Initial and Final Sounds


    8. enormous very, very big Phonics:

    9. powerful very strong Short o and-s Plurals

    Grammar: Action Parts of Sentences Comprehension:

    Writing Trait: Sentences Character and Setting

    Big Question: How can animals help people? Visualize

Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. ox

    1. got 8. pop 1. get

    2. hop 9. pot 2. help

    3. hot 10. rock 3. use

    4. lock 11. help

    5. mom 12. use

    6. mop


    Unit 1.4: A Fox and a Kit -

    Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. animals living things that can move around 1. observe watch something 2. dinner the main meal of the day 2. wild something people do not care for or

    3. watch to look at something control

     3. parent a father or mother

    4. solo alone Phonemic Awareness:

    5. dangle swinging loosely from side to side Adding Ending Phonemes /s/, /z/

    6. nape back part of your neck Blend and Segment Syllables

    7. medicine a drug that helps you feel better or Identify Position of Sounds

    makes you well

    8. poisonous can cause sickness or death Phonics:

     Inflected Endings -s and -ing

    Grammar: Introduce Word Order Comprehension:

    Writing Trait: Word Choice Main Idea

    Big Question: What can we learn about animals Ask Questions

    by watching them?

Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. sit

    1. fit 8. sits 1. eat

    2. fits 9. win 2. her

    3. hit 10. wins 3. this

    4. hits 11. her 4. too

    5. nap 12. too

    6. naps


    Unit 1.5: Get the Egg! -

    Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. bird animal covered in feathers with wings 1. habitat the place where an animal or a plant

    and two legs lives or grows

    2. nest a bird‟s home 2. hatch to come out of an egg

     3. survive to stay alive or live through

    4. gentle mild and soft Phonemic Awareness:

    5. nudge push without much force, often with Blend and Segment Phonemes

    your elbow Add Initial Phonemes

    6. perch rest or sit on something Blend and Segment Syllables

    7. private done alone or hidden from others

    8. moist slightly wet or damp Phonics:

     Short e and Initial Blends

    Grammar: Telling Sentences

    Writing Trait: Organization/Paragraph Comprehension:

    Big Question: Which wild animals can we find in Realism and Fantasy

    our own neighborhood? Story Structure

Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. sled

    1. bed 8. step 1. saw

    2. jet 9. ten 2. small

    3. leg 10. wet 3. tree

    4. men 11. saw 4. your

    5. net 12. your

    6. red


    Unit 1.6: Animal Park -

     Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. park - land where people go to play or rest 1. desert very dry area, usually covered with

    2. zebras black and white striped animals that look sand like horses 2. forest place with many trees 3. hippos a short word for hippopotamuses which are

    3. world all of Earth large animals with short legs, thick skin, and no hair

    4. surf riding or moving from place to place 4. elephants huge strong land animals with gray skin

    5. beneath under and long trunks

    6. snug cozy and safe Phonemic Awareness:

    7. native from a certain place Blend and Segment Phonemes

    8. reserve place set aside for special use Delete Final Phonemes

     Segment and Count Phonemes

    Grammar: Questions Phonics:

    Writing Trait: Focus/Ideas Short u and Final Blends

    Big Question: How can we help animals around Comprehension:

    the world? Cause and Effect

    Monitor and Fix-Up

    Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. rug

    1. bump 8. run 1. home

    2. bus 9. sun 2. into

    3. cut 10. up 3. many

    4. jump 11. many 4. them

    5. must 12. into

    6. nut


    Unit 2.1: A Big Fish for Max -

    Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words: 1. Max Ruby‟s little brother 1. chore a job

    2. Ruby - Max‟s big sister who is sometimes a bit 2. cooperation- working together bossy 3. household a home and what goes on there 3. Grandma helps Max and Ruby solve their 4. rule a guide for how you should act problems 5. commute travel often between home and

     school or work

    6. subway a train that runs under the ground Phonemic Awareness:

    7. downtown the place in a city where offices Segment and Count Phonemes

    and stores are Blend and Segment Phonemes

    8. display to put things in a place where people

    can see them Phonics:

     Digraphs sh, th, and Vowel Sound in ball

    Grammar: Nouns

    Writing Trait: Word Choice Comprehension:

    Big Question: What does a family do together? Main Idea


    Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. then

    1. fish 8. thin 1. catch

    2. rush 9. trash 2. good

    3. shell 10. with 3. no

    4. ship 11. want 4. put

    5. shop 12. good 5. want

    6. shut


    Unit 2.2 The Farmer in the Hat -

     Taken from

    Amazing Words: Selection Words:

    1. group a number of people or things that belong 1. farmer person who grows crops or keeps

    together animals on a farm 2. respect show that you think a lot of someone or 2. gerbil small, furry animal often kept as a pet something

    3. MacDonald the name of the farmer from the 3. share to let someone else have, use, or do

    song “Old MacDonald‟s Farm” something

    4. squeak a short, high sound 4. aquarium a place where you can see fish and

    underwater animals Phonemic Awareness:

    5. borrow take something to use, but you must give it Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds

    back Blend and Segment Phonemes 6. lines words an actor speaks Segment and Count Phonemes 7. rehearsal- a practice

    Phonics: 8. soothe make someone feel better Long a (CVCe);c/s/ and g/j/

     Grammar: Proper Nouns Comprehension: Writing Trait: Sentences Cause and Effect Big Question: How do we learn together at

    Monitor and Fix-Up school?

    Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. make

    1. age 8. name 1. be

    2. cage 9. safe 2. could

    3. cake 10. take 3. horse

    4. face 11. could 4. old

    5. late 12. old 5. paper

    6. made


    Unit 2.3: Who Works Here? -

    Taken from

    Selection Words: Amazing Words:

    1. busy having many things to do 1. citizen person who lives in a certain location 2. mail letters or packages sent through a post 2. community town or city in which you live office and delivered to homes or businesses 3. law a rule that tells people what they can 3. neighborhood place where people live and and cannot do

    work together 4. leader head of a group

     5. headquarters - places where business or city

    leaders work Phonemic Awareness:

    6. patrol - to move around, watching or guarding Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds

    7.branch a smaller type of a larger bank, library, Blend and Segment Phonemes

    or office

    8. earn paid for work you do Phonics:

     Long i (CVCe) and Digraphs wh,ch,tch

    Grammar: Special Titles

    Writing Trait: Conventions Comprehension:

    Big Question: Who makes our neighborhood a Author‟s Purpose

    nice place in which to live? Ask Questions

Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. ride

    1. bike 8. smile 1. live

    2. dime 9. time 2. out

    3. hide 10. white 3. people

    4. ice 11. who 4. who

    5. kite 12. work 5. work

    6. like


    Unit 2.4: The Big Circle -

    Taken from Selection Words: Amazing Words:

    1. enemy a person or animal that wants to 1. baby very young child or animal

    2. circle - round shape, like a ring cause harm to another 3. herd group of animals of the same kind that 2. extinct no longer exists stay together 3. protect to keep someone or something safe 4. meat kind of food that comes from animals 4. crater a big hole 5. triceratops large, plant-eating dinosaur that 5. holler a loud cry or shout had three horns 6. swamp an area of muddy, wet land

    7. bluff try to make someone believe something Phonemic Awareness:

    that isn‟t true Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds

    8. boisterous wild and noisy Blend and Segment Phonemes

     Identify and Isolate Sounds

    Grammar: Days, Months, Holidays Phonics:

    Writing Trait: Organization/Paragraphs Long o (CVCe) and Contractions n’t, ‘m, ‘ll

    Big Question: How do animals work together to Comprehension:

    survive? Sequence

    Monitor and Fix-Up

    Spelling Words: High Frequency Words: 7. rose

    1. bone 8. stone 1. down

    2. home 9. those 2. inside

    3. hope 10. woke 3. now

    4. hose 11. there 4. there

    5. joke 12. together 5. together

    6. rode


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