The best invention of 20th century

By Marvin Webb,2014-05-27 16:15
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The best invention of 20th century

    thThe best invention of 20 century

    Network plays a very important role in everyone’s life now. Network is a Cold War’s product and it was appear in America in 1960s. Network like nets make some computer connected together to make information intercommunicate. At first network were only used in military affairs, but it really bring convenience in other way. People in different countries can share interesting knowledge and the latest information. Besides, network has provided a major opportunity to buy and sell merchandise. What is more, people even vote on network. Its advantages seem countless. It has made world so small that like a village.

    Behind all this glowing talk, however, are some problems. Network makes people passive by stopping them making their own entertainment. So much so that when there is a breakdown or jam, people may find that World Wide Web turns into World Wide Wait. What is worse, some children have been got into the habit of playing computer games in network. Apart from these, it can be affected by viruses and hackers.

    We must handle its problems, at the same time we should exploit its potential as well. With proper management of network people ought to experience more fruits of the information revolution. All the wisdom of the ages, all the information that has enlightened human beings for centuries, should be available to us with the healthy development of network.

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