Students classroom languagedoc - alhamillabilingual

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Students classroom languagedoc - alhamillabilingualStuden



; I’m sorry I’m late. May I come in please?

    ; I was talking to the Maths teacher.


    ; Sorry, I forgot my homework at home. ; I haven’t done my homework.

    ; I didn’t have time to finish my homework.

    ; What’s the homework?

    ; Can you repeat the homework?


; What does …. mean?

    ; How do you say … in English?

    ; How do you spell this word? ; How do you pronounce this word? ; I don’t understand.

    ; Can you repeat please?

    ; I’m sorry, I didn’t hear.

    ; Speak more slowly, please. ; Is this OK / right / correct? ; Like this?

    ; Sorry, I’m lost.

    ; What do you mean?

    ; Can you explain that again? ; Teacher, I have a question. ; Can you help me, please?

    ; Can you write it on the board?


; Which page are we on?

    ; Which book?

    ; What exercise is it?

    ; Who, me?

    ; Sorry, where are we?

    ; Do I have to write this on my notebook? ; I’ve finished / done this.

    ; What do we have to do now? / What must we do now?

    ; What shall I do next?

    ; Excuse me / Sorry, could I ask / say something?

    ; When is the exam?

    ; When is the deadline for this project? ; Have you corrected the exams? ; Could you speak more slowly, please?

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