Marketing Audit

By Leon Holmes,2014-05-24 06:09
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Marketing Audit

    Marketing Audit

     Brief description of business

    Jiangsu FengYuan aluminium Co., LTD is located in peixian county of jiangsu province energy economic development zone, and the railway traffic is very convenient. The company was founded in November 2004, 2005 years after the standard of ISO9001 quality system certification, and obtain the xuzhou quality management award; In 2006, the production of products for the famous product of xuzhou. Company annual sales income of 1 billion yuan RMB, the annual output of 50000 tons of aluminum alloy to bubble, the product quality is stable and it is very popular with many customers.

    FengYuan Aluminium Company produces many kinds of products. There are air conditioning foil, adornment foil, cable foil, household foil, flexible packaging foil, PS version base, and these aluminum foil products and the thickness and width of the products mainly are: 0.0065mm thickness, 0.007mm, and 0.009mmand 0.01mm and 0.015mm, and 0.018mm, width

    generally have 300~1480mm,etc. The products widely used in household foil, shielding foil, medicine foil, cable foil, candy packing, tape foil, hose foil and so on

    That prodcts just can meet the construction industry, the printing industry, food, medicine, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, transportation and other industries needs and wants.

     Review of strategic marketing materials

     Internal analysis

    FengYuan Aluminium Company has two factories, there are divided into two stages project. A first stage project of factory building is 336 metres long, width of 87 m, building area of 29232 square meters. By rolling, annealing, picking across across across, auxiliary cross etc. By rolling across a 1730 aluminum

    foil rough rolling machine, 1 1730 aluminum foil finishing in (Shanghai) such as heavy industry machinery equipment Co., LTD), 1 aluminum foil and roll machine (resources god non-ferrous metal Co., LTD) 8 sets, van annealing furnace ( provided by tianjin day furnace technology development Co., LTD.) and aluminum foil product inspection packaging field. Picking 24 metres across wide, equipped with 2 sets aluminum foil cutting machine and picking. Auxiliary across 15 m wide by the Lord, configured with the room, underground oil depot, rolling process between the oil purifier, carbon dioxide, laboratory and office between auxiliary facilities. A roll grinding machine, machine tool plant production by guizhou perilous peaks.

     External analysis

    Policy and Opportunity

    According to the ten big strategic new industry of Jiangsu province (metal new materials) development plan of two key points out that the development of aluminium alloy industrial chain, one of which is relying on Changzhou "China profiles of window of model steel door circulation demonstrative base" market network advantage, to implement the eagle aluminium an annual output of 180000 tons of energy conservation and environmental protection aluminum processing project as a starting point, vigorously develop renewable aluminum industry, to 2015 form an annual output of 1 million tons of aluminum industry scale building. In addition Changzhou promote the upgrading of the industrial aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, achieve a low carbon aluminum corporation, to promote the Fengyuan aluminium yet fast development provides policy support.


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