Gis Lab Manager Post Duty

By Donald Robinson,2014-05-24 06:07
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Gis Lab Manager Post DutyGIS,gis,Lab,post,Post

    Gis Lab Manager Post Duty

    1. Be on duty on time, open and close the room on time, and do the preparation

    work before the experiment.

    2. Check the running of the equipment carefully,and manage the student

    according to the rules .To the student who offend the rules ,you have the right

    to forbid him going on computer .

    3. Keep the room clean ,and tidy the room on time .

    4. Don’t leave your post during work time ,fill in the record of equipment using

    and equipment problems carefully.

    5. Be sure to check the follow items before closing the room:

    ? The number of the equipment is enough .

    ? The electric source is shut off ,and put the hood on computer.

    ? Shut off the central electric source ,shut the windows and door.

    Gis Lab Manager Equipment Managing Items

    1. manage each equipment in number,and create relative record of the

    checking and repairing.

    2. Do the setup of the system’s hard and software and normal


    3. Eliminate the problems in the running of the equipment in

    time ,ensure the equipment run normally,and record the problems

    and process of eliminating the problems.

    4. Check and repair the equipment ,presene the equipment on certain

    time ,ensure the integrity of the equipment .

    5. Record the repairment of each equipment carefully.

    6. The speciality software and other software ,and the parts of the

    computer which relate to the lab ,are managed by the lab.

    7. Other department or the teachers of our department who lend the

    equipment of the lab .After the permission of the charge of the

    department and the lab ,lend by a paper on which writes the date

    of returning .Return the equipment on time ,and pay for the using

    and repairing cost according the reulations.

    GIS Lab

    GIS Lab computing Management

    1. Every teacher should hand up the teaching plan and the experiment

    plan to the lab during the first two weeks.It

    contains:class,content of the experiment ,date,day ,the number of

    experimenting and the teacher (accord with the teaching plan ). 2. The student should offer the certificate card,do some process and

    can go on computer with the permission of the manage.

     The student should go on computer on certain computer,and must not 3.

    open and use other computer .

    4. The student should protect the equipment ,keep the lab clean ,and

    must not spit everywhere,throw things everywhere,speak loud and

    write or draw on the desk and wall.

    5. The student should not alter the settings ,remove the hardware,

    delete the system text ,name the text with personal name and set

    up and remove the software.

    6. The student can use the soft disk after the permission of the manager

    when the disk is found no virus .

     Smoking and eating are forbidden in the lab . 7.

    8. Playing computer games is forbidden,the student must obey the

    management .To the student who offends the rules and can’t be

    persuaded, the lab manager have the right to forbid him on

    computer .The student who break the computer ,according the

    situation,will be punished and should pay for the repairment

    according the rules.

    9. The teachers and graduates of our department should go on computer

    according to relative rules.

     GIS Lab

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