3 health!2002

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3 health!2002 3 health!2002 3 health!2002

    Topic 3 health

    Read aloud and learn by heart the following 10


    ;You don’t look very well.

    Are you all right?

    ;What seems to be the problem?;Are you hurt?

    ;I hope it’s nothing serious.

    ;What are you taking for your throat?;I’d better call for help.

    ;I’m afraid I have lost my appetite.;How long have you been like this?;Your operation was very successful.

    Dialogue 1

    ;Interpreter: I hear you’ve been ill.

    ;Athlete: Well, I had flu for a couple of days, but

    I’m fine now.

    ;I: You’re looking well. By the way, did you hear

    about our team leader?

    ;A: No. I just wonder why he doesn’t show up in

    the last important games.

    ;I: He had such bad flu that they had to take him

    to the hospital.

    ;A: Oh, I didn’t know that! And I’m sorry to hear


    ;I: Don’t worry. He will be all right.

    Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue, using the following information.

    ;You don’t feel well, so you go to see a doctor and explain

    what’s wrong. Study the model, then compose a short

    dialogue using the information below.


    ;A: What seems to be the problem?

    ;B: I have a bit of temperature and stomachache.

    ;A: B:

    ;1.the trouble 1. the flu / a sore throat;2.troubling you 2. a backache / sleepless night;3. bothering you 3. a turning stomach / eyes can’t see ; clearly

    ;4. the matter 4. a toothache / an aching leg;5. making you 5. a running nose / terrific headache; uncomfortable

    Dialogue 2

    ;A: You certainly look happy about something. ;B: Really? I’ve been feeling very well lately.;A: What makes you look so healthy?

    ;B: I’ve lost some weight.

    ;A: I think that’s because you get enough


    ;B: You’re right. And I am careful about


    ;A: Do you mean you are on a diet?

    ;B: Yes, it’s been a bit hard at the beginning,


;A: I know. But you’ve made it.

    Work in pairs. Make up a dialogue, using the following sentences about health.


    ;Haven’t you got a little heavier?;You certainly look very healthy to me.;Have you put on weight recently?;Maybe you don’t get enough exercises.;B:

    ;I’ve been feeling very well lately.;Yes, I think I have.

    ;I probably have.

    ; I really don’t, but I’m careful about eating.

    Some materials for this topic;good health means happiness

    ;medical care in the city communities;best ways of keeping fit

    ;a foreign visitor feels sick on a bus;the importance of mental health in big


    You can talk like this:

    ;Many Chinese people like to talk about health when they meet each other, for example, when they meet the old people they often say: “you look good these days.” because they know that good health means happiness. If some people are ill, they can go to hospital to look for medical treatment. The medical service is convenient and inexpensive. When they are not seriously ill, they can get good medical care in the

    community clinic, but if they are seriously ill, they have to go to big hospital.

    ;After many years of rapid economic development in our country, people’s living standard has been improved a lot, they are aware of good health meaning happiness, so many people take different ways to keep fit. They can do jogging, go swimming, go dancing and do some other kinds of sports.

    Some related questions

    ;Do you agree that good health means happiness? Will

    this belief make people lazy and unwilling to do hard


    ;Do you think special medical service must be offered to

    foreign visitors living in China?

    ;Is your health owes much to good food, sound sleep

    and physical exercises? Does it have to do with you

    optimistic life-view?

    ;What will be your first reaction when you find a someone

    very sick in public places (such as on a bus)? Do you

    know what is the call number for the first aid?;What is the best way(s) of keeping a good mental


    ;Do you think eating less is a good way cut down your

    weight? What might be some "side effect of going on a


    Some questions to be prepared;A good diet can help you keep the doctor away. Do you

    agree? Why?

    ;Do you think lifestyle is also important to one's health?;Tell your foreign friend how to use the medical service in

    a hospital in Beijing.

    ;How should medical service in Beijing be improved?;What advice would you give to people who are suffering

    from a bad flu?

    ;Some questions about health

    ;Good health has come to mean more than simply the

    absence of illness. What else does good health mean?

    What determines health?

    ;Are you a member of a health spa/gym?

    ;Do you ever read magazines or news articles about

    health? If yes, what subject(s) do you find the most


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