BQT and MRoom Set ups & guidelines -1

By Wanda White,2014-05-24 06:05
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BQT and MRoom Set ups & guidelines -1BQT,and,Set,ups,UPS,And,set,Ups


1. Location:

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2. General

    Ballroom and meeting room facilities are the most profitable facilities in a city center

    hotel and usually generate incremental room revenues for the hotel (meetings,

    conventions etc). Kitchen facilities should be located close to the main Ballrooms and

    meeting rooms’ area. Sufficient pre-function area needs to be located right in front or

    close vicinity of the Ballrooms.

    2.1 Design of Ballroom L-3

    ; Ballroom must be suitable to host important and festive occasions as well as weddings,

    parties and exhibitions. At the same time it has to be functional, equipped with state of

    the art AV equipment to efficiently handle large conferences and meetings.

    ; Depending on the size of the Ballroom, there shall be two or three partitions dividing the

    room. (It provides flexibility for effective selling, when number and size of the partitions

    are well determined). They need to be soundproof and of top quality. Most of the time

    locally manufactured Ballroom partitions are often not sufficiently soundproof and not

    really suitable and effective. It is recommended to either import or source top quality

    partitions locally, so we can prevent future noise problems. It is also important to choose

    right color fabric on partitions (darker tones ) so that they do not easily get stained or

    dirty. Ideally the Ballroom should have daylight with large window fronts and beautiful

    landscaped gardens as a background. In the events that no day light is possible, then a

    back corridor can be planned to service every section of the ballroom. In some cases,

    service door is forgotten for the middle section of the ballroom, and that causes problem

    when each section is used by different groups.

    ; High ceiling is always and advantage for ballrooms, where possible. Anything below 5.5

    m is considered as low-ceiling.

    ; There should be a space for central stage in the center of the room, facing the main entrance, with concealed stage lighting, re-tractable motorized screens etc. There should also be concealed ceiling screens also on either side of the room.

2.2 Kitchen:

    It is expected that most Chinese Banquets require Chinese style food. Hence a fully equipped Chinese kitchen should be provided adjoining the main ballroom area. Any Western type of function should be handled through the All Day Dining kitchen

    Doors from kitchen to ballroom must be wide and swinging both ways for smooth traffic during service.

2.3 Lighting:

    Pin spots ( smart light technology ) should be installed in the Ballroom ceiling allowing to highlight the flower arrangements or decorative table center pieces (each table one spot). This is a state of the art lighting system which allows precision lighting and the creation of stunning effects. Making the investment for these lights will be a real selling point to attract Weddings business or other festive events. The cost will be amortized within the first year, because it will set new standards for ballroom dining which is not matched by other local competitors. Professional lighting consultants are essential.

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