Safe Work Rules for Wineries

By Brittany Franklin,2014-01-29 03:58
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Safe Work Rules for Wineriessafe,work,Rules,for,rules,Work,For

    Safe Work Rules for Wineries

    The following are recommended Safe Work Rules for all winery employees,

    both permanent and temporary:

    ; Report all unsafe conditions and equipment to your supervisor, OHS Coordinator,

    or the winemaker. Unsafe conditions shall be corrected as promptly as possible. ; Report all accidents, injuries and illnesses, no matter how minor, to your supervisor.

    Failure to report an injury or accident is a violation of federal and state regulations

    and shall lead to disciplinary action.

    ; Floors may be slippery; therefore, running is forbidden anywhere on winery


    ; Mark walkways within the winery. Stay within them unless your work requires you

    to leave them. Walkways and aisles must remain free of debris and clean. ; Anyone found to be under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, on the job,

    shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. ; Horseplay, scuffling, and other acts which tend to have an adverse influence on the

    safety or wellbeing of any employees are prohibited.

    ; Be familiar with the evacuation plan; know the location and proper operating

    method of fire extinguishers. Know your site evacuation plan. Equipment that

    affects fire protection, including fire doors, hose and extinguisher stations, electrical

    panels, etc., shall not be tampered with, blocked or removed.

    ; Become familiar with all safety signs, safety equipment locations and know where

    emergency exits are located and never block or make exits inoperative. ; Keep passageways, aisles, storage space and work areas clean and free from

    obstructions at all times.

    ; Hoses for steam, air and water shall not be used except as required to perform

    your job. Hoses shall not be left on the floor when not in use.

    ; Never drink water from a hose in any area of the winery. Cleaning chemicals may

    be in the hose and could cause severe injury.

    ; When you go up or down stairs, you are to use the handrails.

    ; Ladders are to be ascended and descended facing the ladder, never facing away

    from it.

    ; Valves on steam, air and water lines shall be turned off when not in use. ; Lift trucks have the right of way. Be on the lookout at all times, especially around

    blind corners.

    ; Riding powered vehicles, unless they are designed to carry passengers, is not

    allowed. Only properly authorized and trained individuals shall operate powered


    ; Do not distract or annoy other workers while they are working around machinery or

    while they are performing their jobs.

    ; Observe all restricted areas and all warning signs.

    ; Loose or frayed clothing, long hair, dangling ties, finger rings, etc. shall not be worn

    around moving machinery or other areas where they may become entangled.

    Short pants are not allowed, and all personnel must wear shirts. Clothing shall be

    suitable for the job performed.

    ; A safe shoe, which consists of a substantial thick composite or hard leather upper

    and sole, shall be worn at all times when working in production areas. Sandals,

    pumps, canvas or open shoes are not permitted in the production area. Proper

    footwear is important for three reasons: 1) Proper foot support for long periods of

    standing; 2) slip protection from wet and slippery floors; 3) and protection from

    objects falling or running over feet.

    ; Personal protective equipment shall be worn when required; eye and hearing

    protection shall be worn at all times on the bottling line. All individuals working in

    the areas of the plant known to exceed noise levels allowed by current OSHA

    regulations must wear hearing protection.

    ; Gloves shall be worn when burning, cutting, welding or handling scrap metal or

    broken glass.

    ; Do not attempt to operate machinery for which you are not trained. ; Report any defects in materials, machinery, tools and equipment immediately to

    appropriate supervisor.

    ; Turn off machinery and notify a maintenance tech, in case of breakdowns or

    malfunctions, unless otherwise trained. Always turn off machinery and notify a

    maintenance tech in case of emergency situation.

    ; Never operate machinery unless all guards are in place. Keep your work area neat

    and clean.

    ; Machines shall never be cleaned, adjusted or repaired unless the machine is

    turned off; the circuit is broken at the power source and locked out. ; When handling hazardous materials, be sure to follow prescribed safety

    procedures and use required safety equipment. Be sure all containers are labeled

    as to their contents and hazards.

    ; Use extreme caution when filling propane tanks on lift trucks. Ask your supervisor if

    uncertain of the correct procedure.

    ; Food and beverages can be consumed only in designated plant areas, or unless

    otherwise approved by your supervisor.

    ; Broken glass, water, oil or product on the floor, wherever it occurs, shall be cleared


    ; Lift properly and ask for assistance with heavy loads; avoid twisting and turning

    with a load; shift feet properly before moving. Lift with your legs, NOT YOUR BACK,

    to avoid back injury.

    ; Do not enter empty wine tanks without supervisory order, properly equipped with

    approved safety equipment, have an attendant present, and according to safety

    regulations. Violators shall be disciplined.

    ; Space heaters are not allowed unless approved by the Maintenance Manager. If

    space heaters are used, they must have a safety switch installed that causes them

    to shut off when tipped over. No radios or headphones allowed unless approved

    by your supervisor.

    ; When working with a VDT (video display terminal), have all pieces of furniture

    adjusted, positioned and arranged to minimize strain on all parts of the body. ; All employees are required to wash their hands with soap and water before leaving

    rest room.

    ; Help employees are to work safely on the job. Show them the right way to do the

    the safe way. job

    ; Obey property speed limits.

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