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the latest writingthe,The

    first, at first, first of all, in the beginning in the first place firstly at present to begin with currently to start with lately for one thing for another on one hand on the other hand in general generally speaking


    Second(ly) third(ly)in other words in the same way also besides after that in addition (to) moreover from now on what is more later

    for example meanwhile for instance namely soon at the same time then consequently

    of course for this purpose In other words

    转; 用来表示不同和相反概念的过渡语为“转”

    on the contrast in contrast

     However whereas nevertheless

    on the other hand in spite of unfortunately though in fact as a matter of fact

    However------other people are strongly against his proposal. 合;用于小结段落或短文的过渡词语有;

    Finally at last in short in a word

     in conclusion at length eventually

    thus therefore accordingly to sum up

    To conclude surely briefly undoubtedly truly as a result obviously certainly


    1. In conclusion----- The government should make a necessary law against the fake



    1.并列: and, as well as, well, or


    2. 递进,附加: besides, what's more, moreover, furthermore, in addition, also 3. 因果: because, because of, for, as, since, now that, thus, therefore, so, as a result 4. 转折: but, however, nevertheless, though, on the contrary, on the other hand 5. 总结: in conclusion, in a word, in brief, all in all

    6. 举例 first(ly), second(ly), third(ly), last(ly); first of all; in the first place, in the next place; on one hand, on the other hand; for example, for instance; a case in point; take...for example


    1 议论文


    I. Different people have/hold different opinion/views on this question/problem/matter

     Some believe that... Others argue that.,. Still others maintain that... 2. They are quite different from each other in their opinions.

    3. Some people hold the opinion that it is good to have a small family., 4. They think quite differently on this question.

    5. Which opinion is right / more reasonable? I'm inclined to accept the latter/the second view.

    6. My opinion is that there is something in both of the views.

    7. With regard to the question, I think a correct attitude is (that)... 8. In my opinion, whether it is good or bad depends on how we look at it. Example: Parents and children think differently on this question. Parents hold that children should work hard and do well at school. Children, however, maintain that they should have more freedom to spend their leisure time and to plan for their own future. 利弊、优缺点句型;

    1. A have (or has) a lot of advantages over B.

    Compared with B, A has (or have) many advantages.

    2. be of great benefit to sb./sth. : 爱因斯坦的发明对整个人类社会有好处

     benefit from sth, benefit sb/sth 如;我们将要从爱因斯坦的发明技术发明中收益

    3. do (a lot of) good(damage to sb. be good for sb./sth. .

    4. as (not so) good as..., What he does is not so good as what he says.


5....not so与其说不如说)

    6. It benefits us in many ways/respects.

    7. Doing sth. is beneficial to...

    8. While...has so many advantages, we should not ignore the problems it brings us. 9. Just as a coin has two sides, everything has its advantages and disadvantages

    Example2DirectionsYou are to write in no less than 120 words on the title of College

    Students Should (Not)Be Permitted to Live Off Campus”,You are to take a position,

    either for or against the matter, and give your reasonsYou should base your composition

    n the following Chinese outline o






    In recent years, the number of college students who live off campus has been increasing, which attracts the widespread attention in the whole society. As to this special phenomenon, different people have different opinions. As a person who was a student, I think this behavior should be banned. My reasons are as follows:

    The first and the most important one is that living off campus is not beneficial to study. Being college students, young people should spare no effort to study hard to broaden their horizons. Living off campus means they are away from classroom, library and laboratory. So it may bring much more trouble to them. Second, when college students live off campus they will be estranged from their classmates, which is harmful to their ability to communicate with others. Thus, majority of them dont have good friends so that

    they are easy to feel lonely and unhappy. Third, their living off campus will put a financial burden on their family and themselves. In general, college students are still financed by their family. If they want to live off campus, they have to ask more money from their family and make money in their spare time. It is a heavy burden they have to shoulder. In a word, I dont approve of college students living off campus. It will disturb the

    students normal life. Therefore colleges should establish rules to ban college students


college students living off campus.

    Example 3: How to succeed in a job interview?

    1. 面试在求职过程中的作用



     How to Succeed in a Job Interview

     Nowadays, in an over tighter job market, great importance has been attached to an interview by both the employer and the applicant. On the one hand, the interviewer can take advantage of the occasion to pick out the right candidates for the company. One the other hand, the interviewee can make use of the opportunity to get to know a lot about the job he is going to take up.

     Then how can we succeed in it?

     First of all, the interviewee has to pay attention to his or her appearance, that is, he or she should dress properly. Secondly, good manners are equally important. He has to be neither too proud nor too timid, just be courteous. Thirdly, the interviewee must demonstrate his abilities and skills for the job and knowledge about the job-related areas; he must express himself clearly and confidently. Lastly , the interviewee ought to be honest about his or her personal as well as academic background, for honesty is the best policy.

     To sum up, the job interview is indeed important. If the interviewee has made full preparations , his or her success can be ensured.


    Nowadays, has become a common phenomenon.

     has become a serious problem we have to face/ solve.

    More and more people tend to

    发表见解 It is important/necessary/urgent/ difficult for sb. to do sth

    引证观点 It is believed/reported/announced that

    相互关系 A has sth/a lot/ nothing to do with B. be related with…


    1. There are some/two… good reasons for/to


    Example: There are two reasons for the changes in people's living conditions. First, we have been carrying out an opening and reform policy. Second, our national economy is developing…

    2. We have two good reasons for...

    Example: We have many good reasons to object to smoking in public places. 3. The reason for is that

    Example: The reason for my being late was that I missed the bus. 4. Several factors are responsible for the phenomenon.

    5. Their opinion is based on the fact that...

    6. Those who are in favor of the ,..believe that...

    7. These/The following/the above are my reasons for my choice 因果关系 … causes/lead to/result in….


    1. We should take effective/drastic measures to stop/prevent / protect... 2. Faced with such a situation, what shall we do?

    3. What should we do to solve the problem?

    4. Perhaps the best choice is the combination of the two..: 5. There are several ways to cope with the problem.

    6. The government should make strict regulations/ laws to ban such practice/ to stop this

    phenomenon from spreading.

    7. It's urgent for us to do something about this.

    8. We should spare no effort / try every means to...


    1. There is no doubt that...

    2. As is known to all ....

    3. (It's) no wonder..., He didn't work hard and no wonder he lost his job. 4. It goes without saying that ( healthy men are happier than sick men) 5. What is more important ....

    6. I am convinced that ....



    1. For example, the people's economic status has been greatly improved. 2. For instance, the economic status of the people has been improved. 3.Let's have an example. TV sets, refrigerators and recorders have become household necessities.

    4. …is a case in point.


    1. In my opinion. I am in favor of owning a car,

    2. Personally, I prefer to work in the country rather than in the city. 3. In short, parents and children should learn to get through to each other.

     Only in this way can the most difficult problems be solved properly. 4. In conclusion, we cannot achieve success without effort and hard work. 5. A far as I am concerned, I agree with the opinion that "No pains no gains." 6. From the above analysis, we can see that.../we come to the conclusion that... 7. Only in this way can we...


    As is known to all, it is important to be/do… l think there are at least two reasons. For one thing…. For another,…. Let's take …for example, From what I have mentioned above we can see that without.., we cannot...Clearly, ..,plays an important part in…

     Different people, however, have different opinions on this matter. Some people think that...

    According to them. all of us should...Others argue that...In their opinion, nobody can...without...There is no doubt that...For example, compared with ....... has a lot of advantages. As a consequence ....

     As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that... It is because... So my conclusion is that...

    As to me l’m in favor of the second idea. My reasons of choice can be listed as follows:


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