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    FORM OV 4 (CSF4255)


    (Focus on the things over which you have control)


    Group Leader: ACTIVITY: Offsite Visits Pond Dipping

Visit Details: Date of Visit:

    Assessment by: Date: Target Date for review: Approved by: Position: Date:

    Those who might Additional CM’s required? Significant Hazards Control Measures(CM’s): Residual

    If existing CM’s cannot be met or Controls, including relevant sources of guidance be harmed and Associated Risks Risk circumstances have changed (e.g. Generic Risk Assessment, CSF Offsite Visits Manual, Persons at risk from Those hazards which may Rating Guidance from Provider, etc.). Specific CM’s not included in the the significant result in serious harm or (H / M / L) generic RA (e.g. briefings, actions by leaders / participants, hazards identified affect several people qualifications / experience of supervisors)

    All accidents All group ; This generic risk assessment will be read in

     members, addition to the generic risk assessment “General

    including leaders Considerations”

    Inappropriate Group members ; Group leader to have made preliminary visit to, Leadership and be familiar with, the site used

     ; Activity management takes account of group


    o supervision ratio not to exceed 1:9 (1 adult to

    3 work groups or 4 pairs)

    o an additional competent adult assistant is

    also highly recommended

    ; Leaders trained, competent and experienced

    with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for

    all staff

    Generic Risk Assessment page 1 of 3 September 2007

    Pond Dipping

    ; Leaders familiar with HCC Offsite Visits

    Guidance and that offered by site management

    Unsuitable location ; Area of water and adjoining section of bank used

    Slips, falls, collisions ? is suitable and presents no significant risks e.g.

    injury o no broken glass/ barbed wire etc.

    o no steep or slippery banks

    o no soft mud or unstable banks that are likely

    to collapse

    o good visibility for leaders to supervise and

    monitor whole area used

    o rocks are not unduly slippery

    ; Each group member wears appropriate footwear

    ; Group is set, and stays within, clear boundaries

    which define an area that can be properly


    ; Group briefed regarding required behaviour:

    o not to throw stones

    o not to push others into water

    o be particularly careful at the water’s edge

    o step slowly / carefully and beware of slipping

    on wet rocks

    o no diving/jumping into waters is allowed

    Water ? hypothermia, Alternative plan B has been ; Prior local knowledge sought and acted upon, drowning prepared and available if regarding the any specific hazards

    conditions are not suitable ; Information obtained about rainfall and water

     levels during the previous few days prior to the


    ; Decision made on the day whether or not to

    proceed with, or adapt, activity on basis of

    weather forecast, depth/flow of water etc.

    ; Activity takes place in areas of shallow water,

    with gently shelving shores, with no sudden

    changes in depth / gradient

    ; Pond dipping activities take place from a stable,

    fixed level platform

    ; Activity takes place where direct access to the

    water is restricted by a strong fence/barrier

    Generic Risk Assessment page 2 of 3 September 2007

    Pond Dipping

    ; Reaching pole / throw-line / lifebuoy available for

    emergency use at site of activity

    ; Leaders trained in use of appropriate rescue

    equipment (N.B. it is usually safer for rescuer to

    remain on bank, if possible)

    ; All staff are briefed in rescue procedures

    ; Regular and frequent head counts are made by

    supervising staff

    ; Swimming is not allowed (unless a pre-planned

    part of the activity see generic risk assessment

    “Swimming in Open Waters”)

    Infection from water ; Young children to be discouraged from sucking (including Weils their fingers

    Disease) ; Group to wash hands after the activity, and

     before eating or drinking

    ; Cuts and wounds are protected by waterproof


    Injury from nets ; Group briefed regarding the potential risks

    (especially to eyes) of net poles, and to carry

    them carefully, preferably upright

    ; Leaders to ensure that no-one stands behind

    someone who is dipping.

    ; Leaders to ensure young people dipping are

    spaced well apart





Generic Risk Assessment page 3 of 3 September 2007

    Pond Dipping

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