Greenhouse Effect

By Ana Ellis,2014-05-23 13:46
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Greenhouse EffectGree

    Greenhouse Effect

    The phrase Greenhouse Effect has been becoming more and more popular in recent years with the development of industry and growing amount of pollution. What is greenhouse effect? It is a phenomenon that the whole worlds climate becomes

    warmer and warmer. The greenhouse gases mainly include CO2

    which is released by burning oil, carbon, natural gases and so on.

    As we can see, more and more disasters have happened to our human beings. According to the experts, most of these disasters are due to greenhouse effect. Believe it or not, it is true. First, the greenhouse gases make the climate warmer. Each specie in the world has its own living conditions but such conditions are being destroyed by greenhouse effect. That means some of these species may come to extinction. For example, ice in the South Pole is melting gradually, so animals there may lose their land and stay in the ocean all the time and finally die. Second, the greenhouse effect does great harm to the environment, like desertification, droughts and floods, etc. Besides, its bad for agriculture. It causes frequent extreme disasters, such hurricane, tsunami, rainstorm and so on. Furthermore, because of the melting of ice, the earths

    sea level rises higher and the result is that some island countries disappear from the world. What a terrible thing!

    In order to save the earth and our own lives, its high

    time we took immediate action to reduce the greenhouse gases. In my opinion, everyone should take the responsibility of living a low-carbon life. We should reduce using cars and take public transports as much as possible. We also need to protect the oceans and forests, because they can take in great amount of COand they can adjust the worlds climate, too. In 2

    addition, we should plant more trees and save every piece of paper made from wood which means cutting down fewer trees. In one word, we have only one earth and save the earth means save ourselves.

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