Lesson Plan rose students

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Lesson Plan rose students

     English Education Hou Weiwei

    Lesson Plan for Literature

    A Rose for Emily (William Faulkner)

Teaching Objectives:

    - Get students familiar with William Faulkner;

     - Help students achieve full understanding of A Rose for Emily.

    rdStudents: English Majors, 3 year, 48 students

    Time: 90mins

    Teaching Materials: A Rose for Emily (1930, William Faulkner)

    Teaching Procedures:

    Step 1: A Brief Review: Southern Literature & Southern Renaissance What is Southern literature?

    Which parts does South include?

    Characteristics of Southern Literature: Major themes of Southern Literature:

    Southern Renaissance:

    Representatives for Southern Renaissance:

    Step 2 Brief introduction of Faulkner (1897-1962) Question: what do you know about Faulkner?


     English Education Hou Weiwei

    Brief introduction: his life, his career.

    Step 3 Ask students to retell the story A Rose for Emily. Task 1: Setting, time and major characters; Task 2: Brief retell of the story.

    Step 4 Appreciate and analyze some paragraphs in A Rose for Emily Narrator:

    Time sequence: Flashbacks

    Gothic Devices:

    Symbols in the story:

    The theme (themes) of the story (different interpretations):

    The conflicts in the story:

    Five different images of Emily reflecting her changes in the story:

Step5 Discussions:

    ; The forces around Emily

    ; The motives in her killing HB

    ; The significance of the use of “we” as narrator

Step 6 Assignment:

    Read further into A Rose for Emily with the following questions:

     English Education Hou Weiwei

    ; What’s the author’s attitude toward Emily, and toward the older

    generation and the younger one?

    ; Find details about the confrontation between the old and new


    ; Find indications of the issue of racism.

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