Unit 3 Family

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Unit 3 Family

    Unit 3 Family

    Lesson 1 This is my mother. Aim ;Introduce the family members. 二;Points; Family members.

     Way ;Talk about family members in pairs. 四;Tools ;Some pictures.

    . Steps;

     1 .Greeting. A .Hello ,boys and girls .

     B.Hello ,teacher .

     A .How are you/?

     B .I am fine , thank you .

     A Hi ,What’s your name ?

     B My name is ……..

     A This is ………

     C .This is my friend .

     2 .Learn some new words and write them on the blackboard








    3 look at some pictures and ask some pupils to talk about them .

     This is my family. ( Change )





     grandma .

    4 Practise ; Talk about some pictures .in pairs or groups .

    5 Take out your family photos and introduce your family members .


     6 Homework for today.

     Listen to the tape of lesson 1 and intreoduce your family

    members to your parents

    Lesson 2

    He’s my grandpa .

    Aim ; He’s / She’s my ……….

    Points; he she

    Ways; Learn and practice .

    Tools ; Some pictures

    Steps ;1 Greeting,

     Hi !Good morning ,boys and girls.

     Look at the photo.Listen to me .

     This is my father




     2 Let two pupils talk about his/ her photos

     Change ‘this ‘ into he or she and talk about some


     Eg ; This is my grandpa .

     He is my grandpa

     This is my grandma .

     She is my grandma .

     3 Draw some pictures and talk about them .

     This is grandpa

     She is my grandma

     He is father

    4 Practise in pairs or groups ; This is /He’s /She ‘s…….

    5 Listen to the tape of lessos 2 and read after it .Then help each other

    and learn from each other .

    6 Homework for today .

     Talk about these pictures to your parents

    Lesson 3

    She is a doctor .’

     . Aim ; Learn jobs.

     . Points farmer teacher doctor

    . Way .Using some pictures .

    . Tools .Some pictures

    . Steps .1Greeting ;Hi ,boys and girls . Good afternoon .

     2 Go over ; Take out your family photos and tell me

    your family members .

    3 Learn some new words and write them on the





    4 Let some pupils act and guess .

    5 Listen to the teacher and read after the teacher .

     I am a teacher .

    He is a farmer

    She is a doctor

    6 Take out the photos and tell me their jobs .

     Eg ; This is my father .He is a doctor

     This is my mother . She is a farmer .

     This is my grandpa . He is a teacher .

    7Listen to the tape and read after it .

    Homework for today . 8

    Tell your father and mother the things we have learnd .

    Lesson 4

    Again , please! ( Go over)

    一;Family members ( write them on the blackboard)

     This is my family .

     grandpa He is a farmer

     grandma She’s a farmer ,too .

     father He’s a doctor .

     mother She is a teacher .



    二; Take out your photos and make some sentences using

    This is my / He or She is a ………..

     Act ; Ask three pupils to act a farmer ,a teacher ,a doctor and

    the others guess .Then say three sentences with he is /she is

    a …..

    四; Learn ; a song a chant

     Find a word in the sentence ; Fahter and mother . I love you

    (Family ).

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