Report of Customer Care

By Jacob Holmes,2014-05-22 09:58
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Report of Customer CareCare,care,CARE

    Report of Customer Care


    The report sets out to promote a culture of customer care for all customers.


    The report will state in follow aspects:

1. Customers of High Hotel Complex

    Customers are the people who receive services and can afford to buy goods. What’s more, customers can be divided into two different types, internal customer and external customer. For High Hotel Complex, the customer, or the client will be external customer. Therefore, the customers of High Hotel Complex are as follow:

    (i) Loyal Customer: loyal customer refer to a customer whom an

    organization has managed to retain over a period of time continually

    retuning to purchase the organization’s good or services and what’s

    more loyal customer will recommend high hotel complex. In order to

    obtain loyal customer, communicate with these customer by telephone,

    email, etc. By these approaches, loyal customers will fell valued and

    these customers will recommend high hotel complex with others and

    come back again.

    (ii) Regular Customer: Regular customers are quite like loyal customer but

    one thing, these customers wont recommend the product or service to

    other. Regular customers will only come back in a regular time. In order

    to obtain these kind of customer. Find out what these customer need in

    time and provides the right product or service is the way to remain these


    (iii) Impulse Customer: Impulse Customers are the customer purchase

    product or service emotionally. By obtaining these customers,

    advertising the most exciting point about our product or service and

    assist these customer to select items or services.

2. The factors that contribute to outstanding customer care

    A most important element to measure the quality of customer care system is “customer delight”, in other words, is about customer satisfaction. In order to build up a outstanding customer care, there are several points need to satisfy:

    (i) To understand and keep satisfying what customer needs and wants, even

    need to predict what customer needs and wants.

    (ii) Establishing the customer record system, by which can understand the trend

    of customers need in different types.

    (iii) Training the staff, by this way, high hill complex could provides more

    professional services to customer and enhance the customer satisfaction.

    (iv) Stabling the after service customer care system. By ask the feedback from

    customer via email, telephone, and questionnaire. With after service

    customer care system, the company can understand how customer feel about

    the service that purchased, and could have more knowledge about how to

    modify in order to obtain more customer satisfaction.

    In this case, high hill complex had been some initial success in attracting a more

    middle aged customer during the off-season, but there was little evidence of any

    re-booking. Therefore, establish the customer record system and after service

    customer care system and give the customer a regular phone call or email can

    help high hill complex obtain more re-booking. What‟s more, during the meeting

    of all of the complex‟s supervisory staff, Robert who managed the sports shop

    took the view that serve the customers for skis and bikes is his job, but wandering

    round the mountains with groups of unfit old folk isn‟t his. With this situation,

    provides training to these staff and help them to understand that provides the

    services or products, which can satisfy customer, can help high hill complex

    establish a outstanding customer care.

3. Knowledge about product or service

    The staff with professional knowledge about product or service can help the company obtain more customer satisfaction, because the more product knowledge about product or service the staff have, means the staff familiar the product or service they sell. Therefore, no matter what kinds of question the customer ask about the product or service, the staff could provide a satisfied answer to the customer. What‟s more, a satisfied customer will turn into loyal customer eventually, and loyal customer is a key element to help high hill complex operate smoothly. Therefore, the key of this is well-trained staff. Well-trained staff will bring a lot of advantages to high hill complex. For inside of complex, well-trained staff can help the company operate more effectively, and smoothly. For outside of complex, well-trained staff can help the company build up a better image. And help the company obtain more market share and customers. At this circumstance, high hill complex, the staff only have product or service knowledge in what these staff interested about. But know nothing about other services or products.






    The solution using the best of the Flat Structure system came from Total Quality Management (TQM).

    This philosophy is based on creating a culture of quality which drives the actions and

    attitudes of everyone in the organization.

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