NSE Book4 Module6 Unit1This girl is better

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NSE Book4 Module6 Unit1This girl is betterNSE,girl,Girl,book

    NSE Book4 Module6 Unit1 This girl is better.教学设计

    Teaching aims:

    1. Master the using adjectives with irregular comparatives. And master the pattern

    irregular comparative+ than.

    2. Guide the pupils to enjoy the happiness of success of using English and train them

    the ability of listening and speaking.

    Teaching important points: the usage of better and worse.

    Teaching difficult points: irregular comparative + than.

    Teaching aids: CAI, a tape recorder.

    Teaching steps:

    Step1 Warming up


    Step2 Revision

    Revise some regular comparatives: tall- taller, short- shorter, fat- fatter thin- thinner, old- older, young- younger, cute- cuter, nice- nicer, shy- shier,etc. Step3 Presentation

    1.Sing songs and have a competition to learn the new words and expressions. T: Now let’s sing the song Who’s taller? OK? Girls first.( Design “ first”, but no


    Girls sing the song.

    T: Now boys sing.

    Boys sing the song.

    T: Who are better? ( Design “ better” and explain) Yes, girls are better. Girls are better than boys.

    Get a boy and a girl to the front to sing the song.

    T: Lady is first.

    After their singing the song, the teacher asks: Who’s better, boy or girl? I think the girl is better.And the boy is worse than the girl.Do you agree?( Design “ worse”, “ I

    think….” and “ Do you agree?”)

    Help the Ss to answer Yes, I agree./ No, I don’t agree.

    More practice with the new words and expressions.

    2.Teaching the text

    1) Tell the students to close their books. Say that they are going to listen to the tape and

    tell you which comparatives they hear.

    2) Play the passage once and let the Ss listen. They should hear both “ better” and

    “ worse”.

    3) Now get the Ss to open their books. Ask questions about the story. 4) Play the tape again. The Ss must listen carefully and repeat the sentences. Step4 Play time

    T: Now let’s play a game. London Bridge is falling down.

    Step5 Make a survey

    Show the chart to the Ss.

    T: Let’s make a survey. Which subject is good/ bad/ better/ worse?

    Work in groups to complete the chart.

Step6 Homework

1. Read the text twice and listen to the tape twice.

2. Copy the new words and expressions three times.

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