Module 7 Time off

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Module 7 Time offTime,off8,off

    Module 7 Time off

    Unit 2 Lingling’s uncle told us not to worry.

Teaching Aims(

    1. To have a general idea of what the reading passage mainly talks about;

    2. To develop students interest about mountains and rivers of our country;

    3. To learn and try to use the useful phrases and words occurring in the passage.

Teaching difficult points:

    1. Key vocabulary ---- rock, soldier, area, wake up, tent, view, top, path, plant, pull

    2. Key structures---- Direct and indirect speech.

Teaching steps :

    Step 1 Warm up.

    Step 2 New words and phrases. Check the new words and phrases that students

    previewed before new lesson by matching the words and phrases with the

    Chinese meanings.

    1. soldier a. 在一个小湖旁

    2. wake up b. 植物

    3. be famous for c. 让,告诉!某人不做某事

    4. have a wonderful time d. 好像

    5. its wrong to do sth. e. 景色,风景

    6. pull a leaf off f. 与某人一起度过休息时间

    7. path g. 轻轻的走出来

    8. the second largest fresh water lake h. 叫醒

    9. by a small lake i. 士兵

    10. plant j. 而著名

    11. tell sb. not to do sth. k. 过得愉快,玩得开心

    12. as if l. 做某事是不对的

    13. view m. 上摘下一片树叶

    14. spend some time off with sb. n. 小路,小径

    15. come out qiuetly o. 第二大淡水湖



Step 3 Listen to the tape and then choose the best answers.

    ( )1. Where are they ?

    A. Beihai park B. Wulingyuan Senic and Historic Interest Area C. Baita ( )2. What is it famous for ?

    A. mountains B. forests and rivers C. the strange shape of its tall rocks ( )3. How did they get to Mount Tianzi?

    A. by bus B. by bike C. by cable car

    ( )4. Where are they going tomorrow ?

    A. Dongting Lake B. Mount Tianzi C. go home

Step 4 Read the passege quickly and then write T or F.

    ( )1. The writer went to Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area with

    Linglings Uncle.

    ( )2. Wu Guanzhong painted some beautiful pictures of Wulingyuan Scenic and

    Historic Interest Area in 1989.

    ( )3. Linglings uncle told us not to worry about the loud noise.

    ( )4. They hoped for a wonderful view of the strange shape of its tall rocks. ( )5. Its wrong to pull leaves off a plant.

    Step 5 Pair work. Read the passage slowly and then answer the questions . 1. Where is Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area?

    __________________________________________________________________ 2. How large is it ?

    __________________________________________________________________ 3. Where did they camp last night ?



    4. What could they see at the top of Mount Tianzi?

    __________________________________________________________________ 5. When will they go back to school ?


    Step 6 Read after the tape and then film in the blanks .

     Sally spent some time off 1. Linglings uncle in Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area. It was famous 2. the strange shape of its tall rocks. Some people thought they looked 3. soldiers, and 4. thought

    they looked like animals. They camped 5. a samll lake. During the night, Sally heard a loud noise, as 6. someone was laughing. She woke up Lingling and her uncle. After a few minutes, they found out it was a monkey. The next morning

     Mount Tianzi, and only saw the mountain tops they took a cable car 7.

    through the clouds. Then they walked 8. the path, past trees, waterfalls and plants back to the tent. Linglings uncle told Sally not to 9. leaves and they

    should 10. everything there.

    1. ____________ 2. _____________ 3. ______________ 4. ____________ 5. ____________ 6. ____________ 7. ____________ 8. ____________ 9. ____________ 10. ____________

Step 7 Exercise


    1. 听起来好像有人在敲门。

    It sounds _______ ________ someone is knocking at the door.


2. 几分钟后,他让我们轻轻地走出来。

    After a few minutes, he told us to _______ _______ quietly. 3. 一些学生在读书,另一些在写。

    _______ students are reading _______ are writing.

    4. 她正坐在小湖旁。

    He is sitting _______ _______ _______ _______ .

    5. 请不要从植物上摘树叶。

     Dont _______ _______ _______ plants, please.


    1. The area is about 4 square kilometres . (就划线部分提问)

     _______ _______ is the area?

    2. Theyll go back to school next week. (就划线部分提问)

     _______ _______ they _______ back to school?

    3. We had a wonderful time on May Day. (改为同义句)

     We _______ _______ on May Day.

    4. The teacher told me to read that book. (改为否定句)

    The teacher told me _______ _______ read that book.

    5. I asked them, what is the noise ? (直接引语变间接引语)

     I asked them _______ the noise _______ .

    Step 8 Homework. Write a passage about some places that you have been to .




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