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    Nowadays, the escalating amount of time children are spending on computers has raised some

    questions about how the use of computer technology may be affecting their lives---from helping

    with their studies to causing mild forms of depression to encouraging sadistic behaviors. In here,

    we will mainly try to discuss an overview of the negative and sometimes positive effects of using

    computers at home for childrens physical, cognitive, and social development. Recently, some

    new stories reported on television, in the newspapers, and on the Internet suggest the increasing

    time of using computer for children is at the expensive of the time of their other activities. Therefore, the case also increases their chances of becoming obese.

     However, educational research claims that playing computer games can be beneficial to build

    up computer literacy because it improves childrens ability to read and visualize images in the

    three-dimensional space and to track multiple images simultaneously. The further studies indicate using computers at home is linked to somewhat better academic performance. Many parents also agree that this is advantage if the computers can be used at home in the highly

    competitive world.

     Although there is little (hard) evidence to indicate that moderate computer use can have a

    negative effect on children’s friendships and family relationships, recent survey data show that

    increased use of the Internet may be linked to increase in their loneliness and despair. Some concern also discovers that playing sadistic computer games may increase their aggressiveness

    and desensitize a child to suffering. At the same time, the use of computers may distort a childs

    ability to distinguish real life from simulation.

     I believe, therefore, the current trend in increased computer use throughout the world that

    more systematic research is needed in these areas to help parents and policymakers maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative effects of home computers in childrens lives.

    1. Environment pollution and Environment protection

    As we know, fresh water is crucial to (is vital to, is critical to) human being life and our daily life. However, with the rapid growth of population and the industrial vast development, we are confronting with one of the most disturbing issues concerning our environment is the shortage of fresh water. To be, or not to be: that is a question. To take actions to tackle the water pollution, or not to do anything, and just let it go. One thing is certain: if we human being do nothing, we will be face with a sea of troubles.

    Water shortage is attributable to several reasons which are closely related to human beings

    life style. On the one hand, water pollution is known to the major factor that causes the shortage. Most of drinking water is used in industrial production. Simultaneously, the factories discharge

    various chemicals and waste water into the rivers, such as the Changjiang River, the Yellow River, and the Huai River. Some survey data indicate that the quality of water is worse in recent years in these rivers, compare with that of twenty years ago. The sewage which is caused by these

    factories not just pollutes surface water but also contaminates underground water. Household chemical products, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers are widely used in our life and production, which lead to pollution of fresh water resources to some degree.

    On the other hand, some people seem to lack the awareness of saving water that is one of the reasons in the shortage of drinkable water. Most of men have not a good habit of water-wise life style in their life and work. They deem frankly that they have paid for using water, so they should not be limited for using water. Absolutely, our public should be educated to save water.

    It is a fact that water shortage and the poor quality of drinking water have become one of the serious problems for human health problems. Therefore, the governments and individuals should take some feasible measures to ease the scarcity of water. Firstly, the government should carry out some policies, regulations, and laws to restrict discharging capacity of these factories, at the same time, urge the factories to improve and perfect their sewerage system. Secondly, we should spare no effect to reduce to use house chemical products, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers in our life and agricultural production. Finally, in whole society, the public should also be advocated to live a water-conscious life style and to treasure (cherish) other natural resources.

    2. Waste disposal

    Now, we are facing with all sorts of environmental problems, ranging from deforestation to global warming, from the depletion of the ozone layer to a veritable mountain of garbage.

    Especially, our own live spacing has been occupied by all kinds of rubbish. It is in such cases that most people have noticed that waste dump does not seem to be in good order and our life style

    is very environmentally-unfriendly.

    There are some reasons why dispose randomly waste things as rendered below. One major

    reason is that people have little knowledge and awareness about how to deal with life waste. In some city of China, it is not surprising to see that roads are scattered with waste. For example,

    disposable plastic bags, waste papers, waste bottles and so on. When we dispose our household rubbish, we never are concerned about attempting to classify them. Therefore, in fact, I have had a bad habit which all kinds of garbage are thrown into a dustbin.

     In the second place, it also is a reason which non-degradable plastic bags and disposable products are being used almost on a national scale. There is no denying that using the products

    have become a threat for building an environment-friendly society. Due to plenty of using these disposable items, it has caused a series of problems. Firstly, it is necessary for producing these products to waste absolutely our limited natural resources. During the production, our environment is polluted by discharging various waste gases/water. And then these disposable dishware/bags were casted into our farmland, roads, rivers and elsewhere. A research shows that some aquatics can not live normally in water or their life has been threaten because these wastes exist in the environment. There was a never-forgotten report about a turtle ate a plastic bag by error that led to its dead because it thought of the plastic bag as a jellyfish. In the third place, our government neglects slightly to develop a modern waste disposal system and harsh measures to protect our living environment is very significant. When you travel some small cities, you can observe that the chemical factories are discharging effluent into the rivers,

    fume is given off into blue air, and all sorts of color plastic bags float in air. Now, the case will be more and more severe, so we ought to take quick and effective actions to solve the disorder and the environmental problem. It is self-evident that the government should

exert a great importance on the process. First of all, it is urgent to take harsh waste management

    laws to restrict disposing garbage randomly, simultaneously, improving waste disposal technology and waste decontamitation to relieve pollution from waste. Besides, the government should prohibit for using non-degradable disposable items to solve the essence of the problem. On the other hand, public also should be aware of the order of waste dumping. Before waste dumping, it

    is better to have a garbage classification to convenient to recycling again. On balance, I am certain of human being could solve the relationship between ourselves a nature.

    3. Preserving rare animals

    To ensure the sustainable development of human being and animals in the world of humans

    privilege over animals, it is the obligation of every individual to take efficient and quick actions in

    streserving rare species in the 21 century. Admittedly, biodiversity is one of human beings p

    greatest assets. Only if human are harmonious with various animals, natural world can come up to the real ecological equilibrium and the co-existence.

    Along with the expanding of population all over the world, wildlifes living space has been

    become less and less, and then some rare animals have been on the verge of die out. Although some people hold that some animals which you can see in anywhere are definitely thriving, a

    sizable percent of wildlife are faced with (die out) a severe ecological disaster. For satisfied peoples living necessities, human is frantic to fell the forest and kill animals. Hence, these facts

    result in the rare animals mass extinction, moreover, cause a series of ecological crisis, including the destruction of the food chain, the disappearance of forest resources, environmental pollution, and the spread of all sorts of plagues.

    Another important factor is the environmental destruction which leads to the loss of animals

    natural habitats. People is crazily plundering wildlife in order to eat their meat, use their fur,

    process their habitats, even perform all kinds of medical experimentations in their bodies. It is undeniable that animals have been deprived their survival rights when they are used by human. Obviously, these cases are immoral and an act of cruelty. Frequently, some new stories are

    reported on TV, in newspapers, and on the Internet statement human have a huge of crimes, like over hunting, over fishing, encroachment and so on.

    However, a minority of man argue that some wildlife die out that is natural evolutionary process, natural selection, and can correspond to Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest.

    Therefore, it is not necessary for human being to preserve the extinct species. I deem that the idea of those who hold the dissenting opinion is inaccessible value. If to do anything about

    preserving wildlife, human being would also die out in the near future. Only because of the existence of biodiversity make human had the beautiful and wonderful earth. From what have been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that it is everyones

    responsibility to save the endangered animals and protect all kinds of wildlife. That is to say that preserving wildlife is equal to protect our human beings survival space. On the one side,

    everyone individual should be an environmentalist to advocate people to save and love the extinct species, protect animal habitats, refuse to use animals fur products and be an

    vegetarian. On the other side, the government should establish some departments to manage and preserve wildlifes living. For example, to use the technology of clone and genetic

    combination in order that to save extinct animals. At the same time, the harsh regulations and

    laws should be carried out to forbid over hunting, over fishing and over deforestation.

    5 Technology is making it possible to stay at home and work

    There is a revolution going on the developed countries thereby the work-from-home dream is

    becoming more and more of a reality for millions of workers wishing to save time, see their

    families more, and achieve the overall equality between life and work (work-life equilibrium).

    This is done (made) possibly by many advanced information and communications technologies, namely with the advent of the Internet and mobile telecommunications such as broadband

    phone connections.

    In the following paragraphs I will examine both the potential benefits and dark sides of this new phenomenon which allows high-speed transmission of data from your personal computer at home to your clients and work colleagues in different locales.

    It is undeniable that computers these days have greater processing power than they did just a

    few years ago, but working from home is not just an issue of cost-saving. People become tired of

    commuting and the time spent on trains and subways is a precious commodity that could be spent more effectively on work. In many cases working from home is not actually a choice for most of business executives who are accountable for business transaction around the clock.

    For these people with young children, working from home has many incentives. Indeed, one

    could argue that a lot of flexi-working has evolved around parents’ child rearing responsibilities.

    However, those parents who are working from home are now experiencing new pressures in the

    work-from-home setting. In spite of the paybacks formed less travel and more flexibility, there is a downside (drawback) with increased working hours. The reality is that all home workers with children feel that balancing home and work responsibilities is easier said than done.

    To make one final point, it is important when considering this growing trend in working from

    home that we do not see it as an easy option.

    Study abroad

    Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. The chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse, and for ability, is in judgment and disposition of business,

    as said from Francis Bacon. Definitely, studies play a great (more and more) critical role in our life and work.

    In China, there have abundant and excellent traditional educational history which traces back to several thousands of years ago. Our nation pays rather attentions to reading and educating people down the ages. However, along with advanced time comes, our educational level has far fallen down these developed countries, including science and technologies, the educational system, peoples ideologies

    and so on. A majority of young people long for having chances to study abroad to learn the latest science and technologies in the developed countries, enrich their life experience, and experience a new culture. Presently, we investigated and discovered that one of the noticeable phenomena in today’s

    China was that many parents sent their young children abroad to get educated at broad. Quite a few people point out that although it is widely held that studying abroad may equip one with

    more knowledge, it is likely to arouse a series of troubles in their life. On the one hand, the immature

    children are too young to distinguish right from wrong. And it is easier to form some bad habits at abroad for instance, smoking, drinking, disorientation and even taking drugs. On the other hand, it is the fact that a sizable percentage of young children may be confront with great mental difficulty after they are sent abroad and faced with a new environment and culture. In home, these children are very

out-going and active, but at abroad, they would become more introvert and eccentric. The results are

    ultimately imaged that they have strongly inferiority complex and psychological problems. From my point of view, in the first place, it is convincing that studying abroad may, to a great extent enrich ones life experience, grasp a good foreign language and acquire some advanced technologies. In the second place, I intensely suggest that young students make full preparations both materially and mentally before studying abroad. If the children can not take care of themselves, parents would better to accompany with your children in abroad. Maybe when children are dependent to live in their campuses, parents should intend to let them go abroad.

    I believe, from what has been discussed above, that safely draw the conclusion that by making good preparations for studying abroad, our children could come true self-reliance, self-betterment, and self-fulfillment.

    Although education in many developing countries is not compulsory, an effort should be made to ensure that all children between the age of 5 and 15 years attend some form of schooling. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opionion?

    Schooling is the type of learning that occurs within recognized educational institutions and networks. This is an important distinction insofar as the skills one acquires in schools and colleges are recognized

    by society. The validation of ones learning enhances ones chances of moving upward through the

    ranks of society to achieve a greater standard of living. For this reason alone, an effort to educate

    children from developing countries must be made at all costs.

    In order to satisfactorily answer this assigned question, I believe it is important to define what the flip side of not having an education means for children from developing countries between the age of 5 and 15 years. The real danger that exists here is the trap of young uneducated people falling into what is categorically referred to in the developing world as child labor. There is a clear link between child labor and poverty which I would like to bring to my readers attention.

    In many developing countries, parents, whose families exist on the poverty line, are often faced with having no food to provide their family with, so they force their children to do heavy work to ensure their familys survival. It would seem that poverty is the principal cause of child labor. Nonetheless, child labor continues to feed the poverty cycle. Therefore, what is requirement of the situation is a

    break in the vicious circle between child labor and poverty. This can only be achieved through an increased emphasis on education. The answer rests with education programs that occur in conjunction

    with childrens work. Abolishing extreme forms of abusive child labor is obviously the first measure that should be taken as this type of work hinders childrens health and their ability to work in the future.

    However, it would appear too early to make full-time education compulsory in cases where children still have to earn a living to survive.

    What is important to remember is that the extensive use of child labor in developing countries slows down economic growth and social development. Moreover, a population that lacks sufficient skills and education perpetuates poverty and reduces overall progress.

Modern technological means of communication are playing an important role in peoples life.

    There is no doubt that they facilitate modern life. However, they are not free of defects. Discuss it.

With the development of IT (information technology) and information industry, some new facilities

have been very commonly used in peoples lives as a modern means of communication. Definitely,

    these new means of communication make our live more and more convenient and efficient to make business easier, call for help instantly, overcome distance, and save the trouble of traveling such as the use of Cell phone and e-mail through Internet. However, different individuals hold different views for these means of communication. It seems that every coin has two sides. Therefore, it is undeniable that there are two sides of advantages and disadvantages brought about by telecommunication. Quite a few people point out that we can benefit from the telecommunication to our work and life. Firstly, the mobile phone is portable and convenient, and hence facilitates our life, and the telephone makes it possible for people in distant places to talk to each other and hear the voice. Secondly, this immediacy and directness of telephone can not be matched by either letters or telegrams. Moreover, the e-mail through the Internet is fast, inexpensive, and highly efficient. Finally, visual telephone can be used in our meeting can save a lot of time which may spend on taking a bus. These new means of communication have advantages over traditional means of communication.

    However, many people insist that there are also disadvantages brought about by telecommunication. On the one hand, they consider that traditional means of communication can help strength the emotional bonds. With the increase of the proportion of the use of telecommunication, obviously, we reduce visibly the chances of meeting each other. As time goes, the fact result finally in the alienation of affection each other. On the other hand, through telecommunication, the handwriting ability has started slow and slow degeneration. They imagine that we would forget our excellent culture of Chinese character in the future.

    From my point of view, it is convincing that these new communication technologies give us to bring the convenient and efficient way of life. However, we should also notice the fact which can not be over-dependent on the technologies in our daily life. What is more, we should keep the traditional means of communication to cultivate our emotion with our friends, relative and the others. To the end, I believe, from what has been discussed above, that safely draw the conclusion that the tendency is growing prevalent as more and more new telecommunication will be being applied to all kinds of aspects of our lives.

    The Hope project

    Education plays a very important role in the modernization of our country. Without improving education, china will not be able to develop fast, to catch up with the developed countries technologically and economically, or to greatly improve the living standard of its people. Yet according to recent statistics(统计), there are over 2 million school-age children who can not go to school in the poor rural areas.

    To help those poor kids go back to school, money seems to be the biggest problem. As there are thousands of things to be done in the construction of our country, our government simply does have enough money to help all those poor children in time. So a nation-wide drive(运动) called the “Hope

    Project” has been launched to help those children go back to school.

    The “Hope Project” helps the government a lot financially(财政上). It also brings hope to the children

    who can not go to school only by depending on their parents. Therefore, I hope that more and more people join in the “Hope Project” to help the poor children.

    My attitude towards physical discrimination in job-hunting

    The past decade has witnessed a more and more fierce competition in the job market. Consequently, a new problem of physical discrimination arises. In the process of job-hunting, this phenomenon is not uncommon, and the topic concerning physical discrimination is under heated debate. Some people hold the view that it is reasonable to employ those who are physically attractive, which

    can enhance the image for the whole unit or workplace. And it is absolutely true that its much easier

    for a pretty one to get a fairly good job than an average-looking one. It is reported in New Yorkshire,

    Britain, a lady who is about 90 kilograms was declined 15 times on end (continuously, in a row,

    successively) when she tried hard to find a job. Yang Lan, a well-known TV hostess in China, when first went to CCTV for an interview, because her eyes were not large enough as expected, her

    application was nearly turned down.

    Among all these discriminations against certain physical features, the obese, especially obese women,

    are highly stigmatized in all sectors of current society. Besides, discrimination against the obese can be a prototype for size discrimination against others who differ substantially from the average, such as the extremely thin, short, or tall. The socioeconomic penalties for obesity far exceed those for underweight,

    short, and tall.

    Whether physical discrimination is against law or not, we are not sure. The belief we do hold is that

    each of us have equal rights to be educated, to be employed. There are people who claim they can do nothing to deal with it but face the cruel reality. I dont share with (agree with, approve of) their

    opinions. In my point of view, every one, as long as he has the will, as long as he is qualified, as long as he wont interfere with others rights, he has the legal right to be employed in the fields he deserves.

    Though we can not change our facial features (characteristic, trait), our height, our size, there are

    something we can do to change our fate when hunting a job. First and foremost, try to be confident, confidence can make us more attractive. Secondly, try to be honest, tell the human resource manager your strong points (merit, virtue strength) and what you can do for them. Thirdly, I dont think going to

    those crowded recruiting fairs is a good idea, we can go over the advertisements on newspapers, TV or Internet to get necessary information in advance (before hand; prior to). As long as I am sure of making

    sufficient preparations and distinguished myself during interviews, it is out of question for me to get an

    ideal job which I have been dreaming of.

    My aim for doctoral study

    When it comes to the aim for doctoral study, different people have different ideas. As for me, I think that if I can get doctoral degree, I will learn more knowledge and lay a sound foundation for my study. And then I can better performance in the domain I am exploring. Therefore, I can contribute a lot to our countrys construction and development.

    I believe that there are some reasons for it. In the first place, my knowledge and skills are increasingly becoming inadequate for the development in my domain as time passes by. So I have to

    choose to pursue my doctoral degree as so to keep up with the pace of the development. In the second place, with the development of our economy, there is a great need for skilled people, especially those with high educational degrees. It is obvious that those who cant grasp as much knowledge as possible

    will be washed out. Thus I should pursue my doctoral degree in order that I will not fall behind. With regard to how I will arrive at the aim, I think that what I should do is as follows. On the one hand, I will try my best to make full use of all kinds of resource I can get and take as many chances as possible to improve my skills on the other hand, I will learn from the experts and the scholars

    constantly, because their invaluable experiences and profound knowledge could enlarge my horizon and sparkle my inspiration. So I believe that I am confident of accomplishing my goal if I put more effort into it.

    What should human do to preserve the Nature

Nature is the basis for humans survival. More and more facts show that the worsening environment

    has brought the serious disaster to our daily life. So how to preserve the nature and realize sustainable development should be taken great consideration by all of us.

    First and foremost, reducing the mission of polluted stuff is an effective way to relieve air and water pollution. We should make full use of high technology to conduct green procedure in every field. Second, our dependence on natural resources should be taken place by synthetic material for saving the limited resources. Besides, to exact useful materials from garbage or waste to realize recycle use is also an adoptable way to use resources more effectively. Thirdly, as for those rare wild animals and plants, it is also our obligations to build a peaceful environment for their living. Prohibiting hunting randomly and establishing natural reserves are good choices, and something tough means are also needed, such as enacting laws and so on.

    Apart from all of these mentioned above, we must massively publicize to enlarge peoples

    consciousness with understanding and strengthen the environmental protection awareness. We must realize that all the achievements we have made are at high expense and from now on it is our turn to repay nature.

    The nature is our home and friend. To preserve the nature is equivalent to protect ourselves. In order to living in a harmonious and pleasant planet, we should be on alert at this time and in the place.

    What kind of role should examination play in education?

    Since school comes into being, kinds of examinations have been used to appraise performance of

    students. So far they are still being used, which may actually there are some advantages in it. However,

    it is also highly possible that examination is not an ideal way to find out what students have learned and

    what they havent. And its said the reason why nearly all schools are still using it is just because there

    is no better method to replace it.

    There are many arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of examinations. Some people think examination is the only best way to test how examinees have mastered what they have studied and it is

    the only measurement for examiners to select which persons they need. According to them, for both examiners and examinees, the examination can show what and how much the examinees have mastered. The results of examinations are just like mirrors for both examiners and examinees. Through examinations, the examiners can check their work. As far as examinees are concerned, they can not only know how they have studied but also find out what they still unknown or what they arent

    mastered well. Thus, they will spare no effort to improve their studying method so as to make greater


    While, on the other hand, some object that examination cant measure how the students have really

    studied. They said it can do nothing but burden the students. Examinations do not motivate a student to read widely, but to restrict his reading; they do not enable him to seek more and more knowledge, but

induce cramming. Examination may be a good means of testing memory, or the knack of working

    rapidly under extreme pressure, but it can tell you nothing about a persons true ability and aptitude. As

    anxiety makers, examinations are second to none. That is because so much depends on them, they are the mark of success or failure in our society. Your whole future may be decided on one fateful day. The moment a child begins school, he enters a world of fierce competition where success and failure are clearly defined and measured.

    Though many people hold negative attitude towards examinations, we cant deny the virtues of

    examinations. Privately speaking, I think the examination does more good than harm for both examiners and examinees. At the time when we marvel at the progress made in every field of study, the

    methods of testing persons knowledge and ability also should keep up with the change. We are glad to notice that many new kinds of examinations are adopted to lessen the burden on students of all levels. Only in this way can we sat more reasonable standard for evaluation.

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