Introduction to Western business Marketing mix

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Introduction to Western business Marketing mixmix,Mix

    Introduction to Western business

    Marketing mix

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     November 4, 2011

    Marketing mix

    Marketing mix of modern marketing theory is an important concept. In 1953, Neil Bolton first proposed the "marketing mix" of the term, meaning in a way that the market demand will be "marketing variable" effect, in order to achieve the set marketing objectives, the need for these companies elements of an effective combination.

    Marketing mix in a lot of control variables included, but so far the greatest impact on the general elements of the marketing mix by McCarthy in 1960 in the "Basic Marketing" a book made by a combination of 4P. The elements of the marketing summarized as four categories: product, price, place and promotion. The "product" on behalf of businesses to target market goods and services portfolio, including product quality, performance, design, trading rights, style, brand name, packaging, size, or model, installation services, quality assurance, after-sales service.

     "Price" on behalf of customers to buy goods prices, including

    price lists listed prices, discounts, allowances, payment period and credit conditions.

    "Channels" on behalf of enterprises to market their products to reach the target (or target customers) carried out various activities, including brokers choose, channel management, warehousing, transportation and logistics and distribution.

     "Promotion" on behalf of companies to promote the

    advantages of their products and persuade target customers to buy their products for a variety of activities, including advertising, sales promotion, publicity, personal selling, etc.

    Marketing mix of businesses are "controllable factors." Enterprises according to the needs of the target market, you can

    determine their own product mix, the development of product prices, selection of distribution channels and marketing methods. Marketing mix is a composite structure is a dynamic combination, each combination of factors are changing, is a variable; interaction is also another factor to each factor is a potential replacement. Meanwhile, the marketing mix are subject to the constraints of the enterprise market positioning strategy, market positioning strategy that is based on the design and arrange the appropriate marketing mix.

    For example, marketing mix analysis Konka:

     July 1998-November retail sales statistics show the market share for five consecutive months Konka ranked first, and the share of total retail sales in November also ranked top in one fell swoop, It felt a surprisingly unexpected.

    Konka's product development throughout the two ideas: 5% of annual sales for technical input to the 30% update their equipment,

    develop new products and change product technology. With their own product development, Konka Group, a rainy day, and constantly introduce new products to guide and adapt to consumer trends, implementation techniques, products and market unification.

    Konka In addition to products, technologies down enough effort, but also market his eyes, his hands doing the promotion, constantly developing the rural market and urban market. In the cities, Konka use of a large number of new media, new mood, Konka people everywhere feel the presence and charm; in rural areas, market segmentation, intensive, start creating "Konka TV County" program to promote market share of 50%. Konka TV successfully created in the county after he proposed "to eliminate the blank TV counties," the call, all branches in different counties and towns all set up shop or counter, quickly built up an extensive market in the rural road.

    In strengthening the domestic market, also began to challenge the international market, to foreign investments and the establishment of branch offices and commission dealers and other flexible approach, moving steadily, one after another to seize the international market.

     Konka to make customers more satisfied, the establishment of a dense network Xing Luo, special after-sales service stations across rural and urban, the thumb and the rapid reaction force service project is won praise customers. Konka to the pursuit of one hundred percent customer satisfaction as the goal, the product management and services business combination, through the establishment of a full set of efficient and orderly management of computer systems throughout the country since the formation of the perfect service network, the introduction of five-star service. Rapid reaction force to provide users with timely and quick, warm and thoughtful service. At the same time, supervision and after-sales service hotline headquarters opened, hand tracking, the pledge into effect. Through these services, solid measures to lift the worries of

    consumers, to improve corporate and product reputation, establish the perfect corporate image.

    Face area of the domestic color TV intense competition, the marketing tactics Konka reasonable use of the strategic marketing mix program, a series of innovation and re-combined to form the Konka and its customers a win-win situation.

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