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1. China is a great __________(develop) country.

    2 .–Have you watched the dance ―Thousand—hand Goddess of Mercy (千手观)‖?

    --Yes, it’s wonderful. We can hear the voice from the dancers’ __________


    3. This kind of sunglasses will be __________(时髦的) than that one.

    4 .By 2100, we will spend only a few hours __________( travel) to Mars in s

    pace shuttles.

    . 5. The policemen will try their best to find the __________murder

    6. My father let me __________(use) his new digital camera.

    7.It’s _________(possible) for Jim to catch up with his classmates because he

    never studies hard.

    8. The policeman stops the children from__________(play) football in the stree


    9. They make him __________water the flowers.

    10. Earth will be too polluted__________(live) on.

     ( ) 1. The old man told us _____ across the street yesterday.

    A. to not go B. don’t go C. didn’t go D. not to go

    ( )2. The Smiths _______ sending e-mails _______ lettersbecause it is faster

    Aprefer, to writing Bpreferto write

     Cprefersto writing Dprefersto write

    ( )3. They were ______ busy _____ with each other ______ the time.

     A. too, to talk, to forget B. too, talking; to forget

     C. so, to talk, that they forgot D. so, talking, that they forgot ( )4. The hard work made me _____ very tired.

     A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. feels

    ( )5. _____ of the students will take part in the sports meeting.

    A. Three five B. Three fives C. Thirds fifths D. Three fifths ( ).6. A large number of students _____ playing football on the playground.

    A. is B. to be C. have D. are

    ( )7. I don’t know when he _____ tomorrow. I think if he _____, I’ll go to

     see him.

    A. comes, comes B. will come, comes

     C. will come, will come D. comes, will come. ( )8. Dad, _____ I take your camera? ---Yes, you can.

    A .must B. could C. might D. need

    ( )9. _______people we help, ________we feel.

     A. Many, the more happily B. The more, the happier

     C. All, the happiest D. Most, the most happy ( )10. HiMary_______?

    Not so wellI can’t keep up with the other students

    AHow long have you studied chemistry BWho is teaching you


    CHow is your chemistry study going DWhere are you 1ear

    ning chemistry

    ( )11. The population of Shanghai is much _______ than that of Nantong.

     A. smaller B. larger C. less D. bigger ( )12. Mr Li knows little English, ____ he can’t understand the instructions

    on the bottle of the pills.

     A. so B. or C. but D. for ( )13. Cotton ________ nice and soft.

     A. is felt B. is feeling C. feel D. feels ( )14. Look! How heavy the rain is! You’d better________.

     A. stay here when it stops B. don’t go now

     C. not leave until it stops D. not to leave at once ( )15. You may go fishing if your work _______ done.

     A. is B. will be C. has D. have

     ( ) 16. Would you mind lending me your bike ?


     A. Yes, I would B. No, thanks C. Not at all D. Yes, you can

    ( )17.;Mum, can I have to eat? I’m hungry.

     ;Sorry, there is in the fridge. You can go downstairs to

    buy something. .

     A. anything; nothing; B. something ; anything

     C. something; nothing D. anything ; something ( )18. Sandy talked so much about herself ______others didn’t have any tim

    e to speak at the meeting.

    A. that B. as C. because D. than

    ( ) 19. She is a polite and fair person. She loves peace and does not like to _____others.

     A. give up B. argue with C. play with D. look after ( ) 20. Would you please______ him the pictures when he______ back tomorrow?

     With pleasure.

     giving; comes

    1. It is _____ (high) possible that he will come to Nanjing next month. 2. The USA is a _____ country while our country is a _____ one. (develop) 3. The journey to Mars will be very _____ (enjoy).

    4. The river has been ____ (pollution) by waster water.

    5. We had a _____ (taste) meal with her last night.

    6. By 2100, the journey ____ (take) only a very short time in space shuttles. 7. This coat is very small, so it makes me feel _____ (comfortable). 8. _____ (travel) in space is really interesting.

    9. We don’t know if he _____ (come) on time.

    10. Several students in our class worried about _____ (not pass) the exam. 11. _____ (many) of the students have gone to the park and only three of them stay here.

    12. It would be great ____ (have) no homework for students on Mars. 13. There’re many _____ (advantage) of living here. I want to move back.

    14. We must stop them from ____ (cut) down the trees.

    15. Answer the question _____ (complete), please.

    1. ____ important work!

     A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

    2. ____ countries must try their best _____ their countries.

     A. Developed; to developing B. Developing; to develop

     C. Developed; develop D. Developing; developed

    3. The boots you wear are very new. You are ____.

     A. lead the fashion B. go out of fashion C. in fashion D. out of fashion 4. Environmental ____ is a big problem on earth.

     A. pollution B. pollutes C. polluted D. pollutions 5. The book is very valuable, so it is well ____ again and again.

     A. worth to reading B. worth reading C. worth to read D. worth of reading 6. There are two ____ toilets on the left side of the street.

     A. public B. publicly C. publics D. in public 7. The food has gone bad. It tastes ____. You’d better throw it away.

     A. good B. bad C. badly D. nice

    8. I will have my hair ____ this afternoon, but I am afraid I will come to school late.

     A. cut B. cutting C. cuts D. cuted

    9. Listen! The pop music is wonderful. –Hush! Grandma is sleeping. You’d better ___ the radio.

     A. turn up B. turn of C. turn on D. turn down 10. There are twenty-two girls and thirty-three boys in our class. So we may say girls are

     ____ of boys in our class.

     A. two-third B. two-threes C. two-thirds D. twos-third 11. Last week Li Ming tried his best to _____ an English teacher.

     A. run away B. run after C. run for D. run up to 12. How long does it take you to go to Moscow ____every time?

     A. by air B. by the plane C. by a plane D. by the air 13. She doesn’t know if he ____ tomorrow. If he _____, I’ll meet him.

     A. will come; comes B. comes; comes C. will come; will come D. comes; will come

    14. He is still thinking about ____ he is leaving for Nanjing next week.

     A. if B. if not C. whether D. where

    15. The maths problem is quite difficult. _____ of us can work it out in class.

     A. None B. Neither C. No D. Both

    16. I am very tired now. You ____ have a good rest.

     A. needs B. want C. need to D. want to

    17. The old house needs ____ at once or it will fall down.

     A. repair B. repaired C. repairing D. to repair

    18. China has a _____ population than _____ country in the world.

     A. large; any B. large; any other C. larger; any D. larger; any other 19. ____ of them knows French, so I have to ask a third person for help.

     A. Neither B. Either C. Both D. None

    20. How are you feeling today? --I’m feeling even ____. So I didn’t go to school this morning.

     A. bad B. worse C. well D. better

    21. We haven’t decided ____ we will go there or not.

     A. if B. whether C. that D. when

    22. He often drives his car ____ 160 km/h.

     A. on B. in C. at D. by

    23. Scientists should ____ help us live better on Earth.

     A. can B. are able to C. be able to D. be able 24. Humans need food, water and air _____.

     A. live B. living C. alive D. to survive 25. Of the two digital cameras, Migoko chose _____ one.

     A. a more cheap B. the most cheap C. the less expensive D. the cheapest 26. Tom graduated from college at a very young age.

     --Oh, he ____ be a very smart boy then.

     A. could B. should C. might D. must

    27. You ____ keep quiet in the reading room.

     A. may B. should C. mustn’t D. shall

    28. –I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow.

     --You ____ her last week.

     A. ought to tell B. would told C. must tell D. should told 29. Excuse me, is this the right way to the Summer Palace?

     --Sorry, I’m not sure. But it ____ be.

     A. might B. will C. must D. can

    30. She didn’t know ____ back soon.

     A. whether he would be B. if would he be C. he will be D. if he will come

    31. Don’t forget ____ me some water. I’m very thirsty.

     A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. brings 32. I’m too busy, so I have my robot ____ the housework.

     A. does B. do C. doing D. done

    33. There is no life on Mars, _____?

     A. is it B. isn’t it C. is there D. isn’t there

    34. The old man was quite weak after the accident, so he must _____.

     A. be taken care B. take care of C. be looked after D. look after 35. One of my shoes is under the bed. Where’s _____?

     A. another B. others C. the other D. the others 36. Jack will go ____ this winter holiday.

     A. to somewhere warm B. somewhere warm C. to warm somewhere D. warm somewhere 37. There’s ____ air pollution on Mars than on Earth.

     A. few B. little C. fewer D. less

    38. I found ____ important to learn English well.

     A. it B. that C. it’s D. that was

    39. I wonder ____ our teacher did that for.

     A. that B. if C. what D. why

    40. I thought you ____ how to work it out.

     A. know B. knew C. would know D. will know 41. Can you tell us where the tea _____?

     A. produce B. produced C. is producing D. is produced 42. There ____ a number of workers in that factory. Three-fifths of them ____ women.

     A. are; are B. are; is C. is; are D. is; is 43. Why did you come back? --_____ my notebook computer.

     A. Getting B. To get C. For get D. Get

    44. Helen’s father ____ Shanghai for two days.

     A. has been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. has got to

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