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iii deadline for applications - Montgomery County, Marylandfor,For,III


    FY 2014 Council Grant Application

     The Montgomery County Council believes that a strong partnership with nonprofit organizations is critical to meeting the needs of County residents. Nonprofit organizations wishing to request funding through the County Council’s grants process must submit a

    grant application for each funding request. The Council’s grant application and required

    attachments are described below. The grants are for one year only, although organizations may reapply in subsequent years.

    Note: If you have applied for a FY 2014 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), or Community Service Grant (CSG), you may also wish to submit that request through the Council grants process in the event the Executive does not recommend your CDBG or CSG request for funding. You may submit that application with required copies to the Council. You do not need to complete a separate Council grant application, although please do complete page 8 of the Council grant application and please respond to any of the questions on page 9 that are not included in your CDBG/CSG application.

    Also, please note that applications for Council Grants are subject to the Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) (found at Md. Code Ann., State Gov’t, 10-611-628) and the

    County must comply with the disclosure requirements of the MPIA when a request for documents is received.

     The deadline for receipt of applications is 4:00 p.m. Thursday, January 17, 2013. No applications will be accepted after that date.

    A workshop for potential grant applicants will be held on Monday, January 7, 2013, 7 p.m., Council Third Floor Hearing Room, 100 Maryland Ave. Rockville, MD.

    Instructions: Pages 1-7

    Application form: Pages 8-12









    you choose this submission option, we strongly urge you to

    submit your application well in advance of the deadline. In that

    way, if you encounter any technical difficulties, you will have time

     Page 1

    to address them or submit your application in hard copy prior to

    the deadline.


    The Council will fund projects that advance the County’s services, goals and objectives in areas such as the following: health and human services, economic development, education, and recreation.

    For FY 2014 the Council is particularly interested in proposals that provide emergency and other assistance to the neediest members of our


    If you are interested in applying for an arts and humanities grant, please contact the Arts and Humanities Council at 301-565-3805 or visit their web site for information on grants at:

    If you are interested in applying for an adult literacy or ESOL grant, please contact Ms. Heather Ritchie, Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy at 301-881-3177 or Their web site address is


    Any organization, institution or association incorporated as a private, not-for-profit organization designated under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service that provides services or activities in Montgomery County is eligible to apply.

    Grants will be awarded for projects in Montgomery County and for Montgomery County residents only. Organization headquarters can be outside of Montgomery County as long as the organization demonstrates that the activities and services supported by grant funds provide services in the County and to Montgomery County residents.


    Deadline for receipt of applications is 4:00 p.m. Thursday, January 17, 2013.


    For ALL submission options: DOWNLOAD FY2014 COUNCIL GRANT

    APPLICATION from Montgomery County Council website

    ( The application is on the

    main page, under Important Information. SAVE to your COMPUTER,

    complete cover page, answer narrative questions, sign assurances

    page, and be sure to include all required attachments listed at end of

    this section.

     Page 2

    For paper submission: make 5 copies of the application and 5 sets of all required

    attachments and mail or deliver to the Legislative Information Services th floor, Office of the Montgomery County Council, 100 Maryland Avenue, 5

    Rockville, Maryland 20850.

    For electronic submission:

    1. After completing the application, rename all files according to the following

    standard naming convention below. If your organization is submitting more

    than one application, please name each application with a separate number, for

    example, application01organizationname.pdf,

    application02organizationname.pdf, etc and transmit them separately. Follow

    the same procedure for the project budget for each application. The other

    required attachments (items c-k listed below) only need to be submitted once:

    a. Application -Organization name

    b. Project Budget-Organization name

    c. AssurancesOrganization name

    d. Proof Incorporation Standing- Organization name

    e. IRS Tax Exempt Status Letter- Organization name

    f. Financial Statement-Organization name

    g. Organization Budget Organization name

    h. List of County Funding-Organization name

    i. Salary Information-Organization name

    j. Board of Directors Organization name

    k. Lease- Organization name (if applicable)

    The Application and Project Budget may be submitted in either MS Word or PDF format. The remaining files sent electronically must be submitted in PDF format. When naming files, please avoid using special characteristics such as /,*%, etc. or spaces in the file names as such files are unrecognizable as PDF’s in some systems. If you do not have the full version of Adobe, you can download freeware that will convert (print) any file format to .pdf format. Here is the link to the CutePDF freeware.

    If you would like to view your pdf files prior to emailing them, you can download the Adobe Reader using this link:

    2. To email the application to Montgomery County follow these instructions:

    a. Launch web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

    b. Go to this website:

    c. Click ‘Select Files’ and upload each/all files individually, navigate to the

    files and choose the first file, click Open. When all files are uploaded,


    d. Click in the field below ‘Add Recipients’ and enter the following email

    address A new field will

    appear, please add your email here in order to receive a copy of your

    submission and to verify that your submission has been transmitted.

    e. Click ‘Send Now!’ at the bottom

    f. Please be patient while the website uploads and sends your


    g. Click ‘Close in the window

    h. Close the browser

     Page 3

    i. You will receive an email acknowledgment from the Council.Grants

    mailbox within one business day indicating that we have received your

    transmission. Please note you will not receive an automatic

    acknowledgment from us at the time of your email submission. If we

    have a problem reading your submission or any required information is

    missing, we will contact you in a subsequent email within a few days. If

    you have not received a response from Council.Grants within one day of

    your submission, please call 240-777-7924 and leave a message with

    name of organization and contact information.

See below for a sample:


    following information is included in your application):

     1. Application Cover Page (See page 8)

     Page 4

     2. Application Narrative (See page 9, Questions 1-11 and answer in

    no more than 5 single-spaced pages, using 12 point font)

     3. Project Budget (See page 10)

     4. Proof of applicant’s legal name, corporate status, standing

    (applicant must be “In Good Standing’) and not-for-profit status

    (See page 11 for detailed requirements)

     5. Financial statement for applicant’s last complete fiscal year.

     6. Complete budget for applicant’s current fiscal year (total

    organization budget). Include organization’s major sources of

    funding, specified as a percentage of the total budget. (For

    example, private donations, 50%; Montgomery County

    government, 30%; private foundations, 20%)

     7. List of all County funding awarded to organization for last three

    years. Please indicate the purpose(s) and amount of funding in

    each prior year.

     8. Salaries and positions of any of organization’s employees earning

    $100,000 or more. If none, indicate Not Applicable.

     9. Current list of applicant’s Board of Directors, including Treasurer

     and Treasurer’s qualifications.

     10. Lease or letter from facility owner if proposal is for a renovation


    B. Applications must be typed and submitted on the appropriate forms with the

    required attachments.


    Applications will be reviewed by Council staff for any missing information. Applications will also be reviewed by a Grants Advisory Group appointed by the County Council. Applicants may be asked to respond to questions from the Grants Advisory Group in a brief question and answer session. The Grants Advisory Group will provide the County Council with a report by April 26, 2013 that will include comments on all grant applications based on the following evaluation criteria established by the Council: cost-benefit; public benefit, strength of organization, and strength of proposal. Additional detail on evaluation criteria is contained in Appendix I.

    The Council Grants Manager provides interim funding recommendations after issuance of the Grants Advisory Group Report.

    However, the County Council makes final funding decisions on Council Grants as part of its action on the County Government’s operating budget in May.

    Grants approved for funding by the County Council will be announced by June 1, 2013.


     Page 5

    A. Grant Funds are allocated to an organization through a sole-source contract in the

    form of a reimbursement, only after the organization provides documentation

    verifying that it has purchased the items or provided the services delineated in the

    grant award. (Some advance payment is permitted for certain contracts that are

    $25,999 or less). The goods should not be purchased or services provided prior to

    the execution of the contract with the County and receipt of a valid Purchase Order

    and please note that contracts typically take 60-120 days after July 1, 2013 to


    B. No funds will be available prior to July 1, 2013. If your organization is funded, you

    are not permitted to be reimbursed for purchases made prior to July 1, 2013, even

    if those items are consistent with requests made in your organization’s grant

    application. Funds to apply to prior year deficits will not be considered eligible

    under this grants program.

    C. Please note that in addition to the required attachments for this grant application,

    organizations awarded funding will typically have to provide the following

    documentation in order to execute a contract with Montgomery County:

; Detailed Scope of Services and Budget

; Insurance certification

; W-9

; Most recent IRS 990

     Registration with the Montgomery County Central Vendor Registration System ;

    (CVRS) if the organization is not already registered

    ; Proof that your organization is In Good Standing with the Maryland State

    Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) at the time of contract.


D. Other requirements for organizations awarded funding:

    ; Assure the County that they intend to comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights

    Act of 1964, indicating that no person will be excluded from participation or

    be denied the benefits of any program, activity or service on the basis of

    race, sex, sexual preference, color, religion, ancestry, age, national origin or


    ; Acknowledgement must be given to Montgomery County Government in all

    publicity and in all promotional or informational materials used in connection

    with the funded project, i.e., programs, handbills, posters, radio and TV


     Page 6

    ; Submit one-page summaries to the County by January 15. 2014 and July

    15, 2014 describing the results achieved with the funds awarded. (This is in

    addition to any other reports required by the contract).

    ; If grant is awarded for the purchase of an item(s), the organization must

    assure item(s) will be used solely for purpose outlined in application for a

    period up to two years after grant. If the organization does not comply, all

    items will be returned to Montgomery County.

     Page 7


    FY 2014 Council Grant Application


    Organization/Agency Name:

     Street Address:

     City, State, Zip:

     Telephone Number(s):

     Fax Number(s):

     Executive Director/CEO:

     Contact person if different from Executive Director:

     Email address for Director and/or Contact:

     Website address (URL) for organization:

     Amount Requested:

    Please indicate whether this proposal has also been submitted to the County Executive for


    _____yes _____no

    Please check one of the following in each of the 3 categories below: Your response to

    these questions is for information and categorization purposes only.

     Non-Profit agency:

     Non-profit agency incorporated year 2005 or later

     Non-profit agency incorporated prior to year 2005

     Purpose of funding request:

     Requesting operating funds

     Requesting capital funds

     Type of activity to be funded:

     Economic Development (includes workforce development programs)

     Health, Behavioral Health

     ______Services to Older Adults, People with Disabilities

     Services to Children, Families (includes early childhood programs)

     Basic Needs, Emergency Services, Housing-related Services

    _____ Youth Development Services (includes out-of-school time programs such as

    tutoring, mentoring, academic enrichment, recreation, and gang prevention


     ______Other: Please specify

    Give a brief summary of your application in the space below:

     Page 8


    Please answer in no more than 5 single-spaced, typed pages using 12 point font. If any

    questions do not apply to your proposal, indicate not applicable.

    Agency information

    1. Briefly describe the mission of your agency and the programs and services of your agency

    which support this mission. How have your organization’s efforts made a difference in the


    Project Description

    2. Briefly describe your project, why it is needed and how it helps advance County priorities.

    (List all proposed items/services to be purchased, explain nature and purpose of


    3. How will the program/activity described collaborate or coordinate with other non-profit

    organizations in the community?

    Project Budget

    4. What is the total program/activity cost of the project for which you are requesting funding?

    What portion of the total program cost will be funded or raised from Federal, State, and/or

    private sources?

    5. State the efforts made to recruit volunteers and/or to leverage community resources for

    the project.

    6. How does the non-profit agency plan on sustaining the activity in the future?

    7. Has the program/activity received County funding within the past three years? If so,

    please list the source and amount of the funding. (Sources may include County Council or

    County Executive grants, Health and Human Services Community Service Grants,

    Housing and Community Affairs Community Development Block Grant, or Emergency

    Shelter grant, or funds added to the base of a County department’s budget.)

    Outcome Measurement

    8. Describe the specific outcomes that will result from the expenditure of these grant funds.

    What specifically do you want to achieve? Please include information on the numbers of

    persons to be served and any characteristics of the targeted population (e.g. low-income,

    frail elderly)

    9. Describe the internal mechanisms for measuring outcomes. How will you measure

    whether you are successful?

    10. If you are requesting funds for an existing program, indicate how long it has been in

    operation and describe results/outcomes achieved to date. Please provide data and be

    specific as this is an important area of evaluation. Has the program achieved the goals

    you established for it?

    11. If you are requesting funds for a new program, provide information on success of program

    in other jurisdictions, evidence of best practices, etc.

     Page 9


The following budget information pertains to only the project for which you are requesting

    funds. This should not be your organization’s total operational budget. Please separately identify each staff position for which you are requesting funding along with a per hour cost

    for each. Identify major categories of any operating expenses for which you are

    requesting funding, for example, rent, utilities, insurance, printing, supplies, etc.

    Operating and capital items should be listed by the number, type and unit cost.

    Renovation plans should be separately attached. Identify any non county funding sources

    specifically received for the project, if applicable.

    Items Requested Grant Organization’s Total Cost for

    Funds for this Item Funds for this Item Project

    (If Applicable)

    Salary (list each $ $ $

    position separately

    plus hourly rate)

    Fringe benefits $ $ $

    Consultants (list $ $ $

    each separately plus

    hourly rate)

    Staff Development $ $ $

    Rent $ $ $

    Utilities $ $ $

    Maintenance $ $ $

    Telephone $ $ $

    Other $ $ $


    Equipment (up to $ $ $


    Supplies $ $ $

    Insurance $ $ $

    Postage $ $ $

    Printing $ $ $

    Other (list) $ $ $

    Capital Expense (if $ $ $

    applicable; greater

    than $5000)

    TOTALS Grant Request Org. Funds Total $ Project Cost Total

    Total $ $

     Page 10

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