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Part B

    Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages for the use of mobile

    phones by children. Whats your opinion towards this issue?


    Convenient for parents to reach their children Easy for children to summon help if it is necessary Valuable for children to maintain their social circle


    Distracting children from studies

    Potential health hazards

    Financial burden for their parents

Part C Presentation

    Topic Card


    a. Cultural Do you think preserving cultural heritage sites can help

    Heritage to develop the local economy? Why/Why not?

    b. Social What is the impact of population aging on society in Relations China?

    Why do you think more and more young students are c. Education

    taking exams for certificates?

Topic Card


    Who do you think takes greater responsibility for a. Education cultivating childrens character, the school or the

    parents? Why?

    Do you think computer games should be banned to b. Entertainment

    school age children? Why/Why not?

    How do you protect your privacy in the era of

    c. Privacy


Topic Card


    Whats the main influence of TV commercials on a. Advertisement


    b. Communication Why are so many people fond of on-line chatting?

    c. Happiness What is your definition of happiness?

Part B

    Here is a list of reasons for keeping a pet. What do you think are the main

    reasons for keeping a pet?

    Providing companionship

    Helping a child grow up into a loving adult

    Increasing chances for people to communicate with each other Developing ones patience

    Helping one keep fit

    Helping people building a sense of responsibility

Part C Presentation

    Topic Card


    Why are there an increasing number of overweight a. Health

    children in cities?

    Do you think the use of computer has improved

    b. Education


    What help can be offered to employees to relieve them c. Health

    of work-related stress?

Topic Card


    Why do people in general get married at a later a. Marriage


    Do you think the Internet has weakened family b. Communication

    communication? Why/Why not

    c. Language What has made English an international language?

Topic Card


    What kind of preparation would people make before a. Marriage

    getting married?

    Do you think it is necessary to postpone retirement in

    b. Retirement

    China? Why/ Why not?

    Why do children seldom play together after school c. Leisure


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