igcse first language english syllabus - 2012 - colegionewlands

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igcse first language english syllabus - 2012 - colegionewlands



Teacher: Carracedo, Paula Daniela

    Year: 2012

General Objectives: (taken from the IGCSE 2012 Syllabus)


To enable students to:

    ; Understand and collate explicit meanings.

    ; Understand, explain and collate implicit meaning and attitudes.

    ; Select, analyze and evaluate what is relevant to specific purposes.

    ; Understand how writers achieve effects.


To enable students to:

    ; Articulate experiences and express what is thought, felt and imagined.

    ; Order and present facts, ideas and opinions.

    ; Understand and use a range of appropriate vocabulary.

    ; Use language and register appropriate to audience and context.

    ; Make accurate and effective use of paragraphs, grammatical structures,

    sentences, punctuation and spelling.

Unit 1

    Reading comprehension theory: the reading process, reading skills and strategies, word-attack skills.

    Reading: expanding notes, sentence structure, vocabulary building, summary style, collating texts, how writers achieve effects.

    Directed Writing: persuasive writing, analyzing techniques, writing publicity material, drawing inferences, writing in role, targeting an audience.

Past papers (papers 2 - 3)

Unit 2

    Composition: composing narratives, engaging the reader, dialogue punctuation.

Past paper (paper 3)

Unit 3

    Reading: collating texts, analyzing style, vocabulary building, advanced punctuation.

Past papers (paper 2)

Unit 4

    Directed Writing: expressing and supporting a view, collating and ordering information, reports and articles.

Past papers (paper 3)

Unit 5

    Composition: making a case, constructing an argument, presenting a discussion, using rhetorical devices, improving spelling.

Past papers (paper3)

Assessment methods

    In relation to formal assessment, there will be compulsory assignments during and after each unit and, at the end of each term, there will be a revision and a written evaluation, in which students will show if they have acquired the specific features of each format. There will also be constant informal assessment through which the teacher will evaluate the students' learning process. The teacher will also take into account the completion of tasks, deadlines, presentation of work, and attitude towards learning.

Assessment criteria

In order to get a pass, students must comply with the following:

    ; Attendance: 80%

    ; Assignments: 70%

; Participation: 100%

    ; Formal tests (mini tests, quarterlies, etc.): above 7 in all the tests

    Compulsory Bibliography

     Cox, M. (2006) IGCSE First Language English - Second Edition. U.K.: Cambridge

    University Press

     Material taken from different media: magazines, newspapers and websites. Booklet of 10 past IGCSE First Language English papers (2 & 3) (University of

    Cambridge International Examinations)

    - May/June 2011

    - October/November 2011

    - October/November 2011

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