Unit6 I am more outgoing than my sister

By Mario Diaz,2014-05-21 12:31
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Unit6 I am more outgoing than my sister


    Unit6 I am more outgoing than my sister.教案

    新盈中学 冯小玉


    一?Teaching aims

     1. Review the words describing peoples appearance and


     2. To get students to learn to compare people’s personal traits.

    The main points

    1. Talk about people’s personal traits.

    2?Compare peoples personal traits.

    a. Talk about the similarities with the words “both”, “ the

    same as

    b. Talk about the differences with “ -er, -ier or more “

    3. language material

    a. Vocabulary:

    Tall, thin, short, long, straight, curly hair, more, than, calm, wild,

    athletic, funny, serious, quiet, outgoing, smart

    b. New sentence patterns

    . Teaching procedures

    1. Warming up.Tongue twister:

    A cook is cooking a cookie in a cooking room.

    This is a fish, His fin is thinner than that fish.

    That fish is a fish. His fin is fatter that this fish. 2??CAI show pictures . Asking : What does he look like? Whats he


    Students answer and write the words describing personality and appearance on their exercise book.



    ? Use the picture to teach new words wild , calm and athletic.

    ? Use the pictures to show the opposite of some adjectives, such as long short, straight-curly, calm-wild . Students read and recite the adjectives.


    ? CAI show photos of the foreign teacher Jonathan and his twin brother David . Students describe their appearance. Teacher point out some of the similarities , saying

    They both have brown hair. They are both tall and thin.

    ? Listening

    ? Classify the adjectives into two groups according to their different comparatives. Get student recite them.

    ?Ask some pairs of students to stand up. Get students compare them and talk about their differences.

    4. Task?

    CAI show a questionnaire . Teacher help students to analyze their own personality

    Task 2 Group work

    Students work in groups of four. We plan to put on a play named The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in our English festival this term. Discuss in groups: Who in your group should be the right person for Tom Sawyer? Why?


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