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    -Mr. Schedin

     If you are convicted of passing a school bus that is receiving or discharging passengers, you may

    lose your driver’s license for at least three months.

     Alcohol is the single greatest factor in fatal motor vehicle accidents.

     Headlights are required from dusk to dawn, during periods of poor visibility, and when weather

    conditions require the use of windshield wipers.

     When a two lane pavement is marked with a single , solid yellow line on your side of the center

    line you must not cross the yellow line to pass another vehicle.

     Drivers are not permitted to wear headsets or have a television receiver visible from the drivers


     A driver moving out of an alley, private road, or driveway within an urban area must stop before

    reaching the sidewalk and yield to pedestrians and vehicles before proceeding. When passing another vehicle, you should not cut back into the right lane until you can see the

    vehicle that you just passed in your rearview mirror.

     Illinois law requires children under the age 8 to be secured by a restraining system or seat belt

    ANYWHERE IN THE VEHICLE when traveling in a car.

     You are required by law to yield the right-of-way to any authorized vehicle engaged in highway

    construction or maintenance that is displaying amber (yellow) oscillating, rotating or flashing


     In order to reinstate full driving privileges after a (DUI) revocation, a person must: submit to a

    professional assessment of alcohol and/or drug use and attend a remedial or rehab program,

    carry high risk auto insurance for three years, be approved for reinstatement by the Secretary

    of State’s of Administrative, and wait a minimum of one year.

     If you are under the age of 17 and you drive after nighttime driving restriction hours, you must

    have a parent, legal guardian or someone 18 years of age or older with you. Your parents or

    legal guardian must approve of the person. If these conditions are not met, your license will not

    be valid during those hours.

     It is illegal for any person to leave the roadway and travel across private property to avoid an

    official traffic control device.

     When driving on a slippery road and the rear end of your vehicle starts to skid, you should hold

    the wheel firmly and steer straight ahead, braking gradually.

     When a right turn against a red light is allowed, the proper way to make the turn is to stop, give

    the right-of-way to any persons or vehicles within the intersection, then cautiously make your


     It is illegal to pass on the shoulder of the road.

     Motorcycles, though smaller and lighter in weight, have the same right-of-way privileges as

    other vehicles. Special observations should be given to motorcycles when they approach an

    intersection, a railroad crossing, bridge or when bad weather occurs.

     Your driving privileges will be revoked by the state of Illinois if you are convicted of leaving the

    scene of the accident, street racing, and DUI.

     Motorcycles are entitled to use the full width of a traffic lane , the same as a vehicle. Therefore,

    when you are driving a vehicle and want to pass a motorcycle, you should not pass the

    motorcycle in the same lane that it is using, but change lanes and pass the way you would pass

    any other vehicle.

     When a traffic light shows both a red light and a green arrow in the direction you wish to turn,

    you may proceed in the direction of the arrow with caution.

     The driver and front-seat passengers (age 8 and above )are required to wear seat safety belts

    while riding in a motor vehicle on Illinois roadways.

     When making a left hand turn in a business or residential district, a continuous signal to turn

    must be given NO LESS THAN 100 FEET BEFORE TURNING.

     Most rear end collisions are caused by the vehicle in the back driving too closely When you come to a stop sign , you must stop your vehicle at a marked stop line, before

    entering the crosswalk, or before entering the intersection if there is no crosswalk. Many intersection accidents occur because drivers fail to slow down and look carefully to the

    left and right before entering the intersection.

     Illinois residents must insure their vehicle for liability, carry proof of insurance in the vehicle,

    produce proof of insurance when stopped for a traffic violation, during a random check, or

    involved in a traffic accident.

     When there are flashing signals at a railroad crossing and the train clears the crossing, you

    should proceed when you check to make sure another train is not approaching on another track. When you are driving and one of your tires has a blowout, you should grip the steering wheel

    firmly, take you foot off the gas pedal, and let the vehicle slow down before you drive onto the


     If you must drive during foggy weather, you should turn your low-beam headlights on and drive

    at a speed that will allow you to stop within your field of vision.

     A flashing red traffic light at an intersection means exactly the same as a stop sign. The road surface of a bridge may be dangerous in winter because there may be ice on bridges

    even when other pavements are clear.

     When approaching a railroad crossing that does not have any warning system ( such as electric

    flashing lights or gates), you should look, listen, slow down in case you have to stop, and

    proceed when safe to do so

     When an authorized emergency vehicle that is using its siren and flashing lights approaches your

    vehicle , you should pull over to the right-hand edge of the highway and stop, if possible. You are waiting at an intersection and the traffic signal light changes to green. You may then go

    ahead after first yielding to the right-of-way to any persons or vehicles that are within the


     When driving along the highway and the front right wheel of your vehicle runs off the pavement,

    you should grasp the steering wheel tightly and take your foot off the accelerator. If your vehicle starts to skid on water (hydroplane), you should turn your wheel slightly to the

    right and brake gently.

     When headlights are required, bright lights should be dimmed at least 500 feet before meeting

    and 300 feet before overtaking another vehicle.


    No U Turn

    Signal Ahead

    Railroad Warning

    No Right Turn

    Slow Moving Vehicle

    Yield Right of Way


    School Zone and School Crossing

    Side Road

    Pedestrian Crossing No Passing Zone


    Winding Road

    Road Construction and Maintenance Area


    Reduction In Lanes Do Not Enter

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