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    Leisure Trax

    Frequently Asked Questions

Who travels with us?

    YAI’s Leisure Trax Travelers are adults 18 + who:

    ; Have a developmental disability

    ; Enjoy traveling and making new friends and being with other people

    in a small group situation

    ; Are cooperative and considerate of others

    ; Are able to adjust within a reasonably short period of time to a new

    environment with the assistance of supportive staff

    ; May have certain medical conditions that do not impair their safety or

    welfare during their vacation

    ; Are ambulatory

How does the intake process work?

    Intakes for Leisure Trax are typically completed between September-December.

    ; The first step is to call YAI! Sarah Baier can be reached at (212) 273-


    ; Complete a brief phone screening, about 15 minutes, discussing the

    traveler and their needs

    ; If appropriate, set up a face to face interview with the traveler,

    caregiver and Leisure Trax staff.

    ; Before the interview you’ll receive a welcome packet including an

    application, and request for paperwork (psychological, physical,


    ; Once the traveler has completed the interview he/she will receive

    information on upcoming trips in the mail!

How often does Leisure Trax travel?

    ; 2 weekends trips a year (4 days, one in the spring, one in the fall)

    ; For our most independent travelers we offer at least one larger

    international/national trip a year lasting from 7-10 days (ex.

    Caribbean Cruise, Disneyworld, Europe)

What Does it Cost?

    ; We are not a Medicaid waiver program.

    ; Trip costs range from $800-$4,000

    ; There is some supplemental funding (weekend trips only) for eligible

    individuals who live with family members in the five boroughs.

    ; We have a BRONX Family Support contract which provides eligible

    travelers who live with their families GREATLY discounted vacations.

Are trips all inclusive?

    Round trip transportation from the designated meeting place, lodging, meals, scheduled admissions and tours, taxes and gratuities, and trained chaperones.

What type of Supervision is provided on trips?

YAI’s Leisure Trax chaperones are human service professionals who have

    experience working with people with developmental and learning disabilities. They supervise the administration of medications and provide reminders and self care assistance as needed. They will monitor spending money upon request. They are committed to providing a safe, successful and enjoyable vacation experience for every traveler. We aim to provide a 1:3 staff to traveler ratio on all vacations.

    For More information Contact

    Sarah Baier, Supervisor

     (212) 273-6658,

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