Goal setting and Work Planning

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    Goal Setting and Work Planning

Course Objectives

    ; Understand managers role balance between task management & people management;

    ; Understand the key point of managing task, Know the origin & fundamental principles of


    ; Managing specific task & achieve target by proper planning and control.

Target Audience

    Department managers, supervisors from Snap-on Asia Manufacturing (Kunshan) Co.,Ltd.


    2 Days, June15-16,2012

Program Outline

    Day 1(9:00AM17:00PM)

    Module 1: The Concept of Management(9:00-12:00) ; Basic concept of management

     The meaning of management

     Managers role

     Expectations from your superior towards you

     Expectations from your subordinates towards you

     The attitudes manager need to have ; Principles of organization and management

     The meaning and function of organization

     The consistency of commanding system

     The appropriate level of management

     The perception of job position and title

     The use of delegation


Module 2: Setting Goals(13:00-17:00)

    ; Vision, mission and condition analysis ; SWOT analysis of clearing the present situation ; Five forces analysis and key of success ; Objective and goal

    ; Principles of setting target: SMART ; 9 steps of setting target

    ; Target decomposition and distribution ; Target management

Day 2(9:00AM17:00PM)

    Module 3: Plan and Manage(9:00-12:00)

    ; Plan and implement

     PDCA management cycle

     The importance of planning

     How to develop a plan? What are the principles to be followed?

     The integration of people and task

     Principles of work assignment

     Managing with shared responsibility ; Control and problem solving

     The meaning and purpose of control

     Problem solving

     Different ways of control and different types of problems

     Principles of control

     How to identify problems


    Module 4:Check Executive Outcomes(13:00-15:00) ; Definition of supervising and controlling ; 3 key points of supervising

    ; 2 key points of controlling

Break 15:00-15:15

    Module 5:Summary and Amendment(15:15-16:45) ; Summary methods

    ; Evaluation highlight

    ; Amendment and plan

    ; Reaccess of PDCA

    Module 6:Summary & Action Plan (16:45-17:00) ; Summary

    ; Q & A

    ; Action plan

Trainer Profile

Bob He

Industry Experience

    ; Consultant, Learning Alliance Management Consulting

    ; Visiting Professor, EMBA, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    ; Asia Operations Director and GM of China, a FMCG (US) company

    ; COO, and Central Purchasing Manager, a Hong Kong stock listed large-scale Heavy

    Mechanical Manufacturing Group

    ; Production and Operations Manager, and Senior Consultant, CIEGOS

    ; General Manager, Hoechst (Sino-German Joint Venture)

    ; US Representative, Vice General Manager, and CFO, Monsanto (Sino-US

    Pharmaceutical Joint Venture)

    ; PM Engineer, Workshop Director, and the Section Chief of Production and Technologies,

    Sinopec Group

Educational Background


Professional Expertise

    Mr. He has a over twenty-year hands-on industry experience in production and manufacturing, and now he is devoting himself to trainings and consulting with the expertise of management in production and operations in which he has had a lot of training backgrounds and practical experience. Ever since he became a professional trainer, Mr. He has been sharing his professional experience in production management with his clients, as well as many cases from various industries, providing a value-added service.

Training Expertise

    Leadership & Management:

    Managerial Skills for Middle and Senior Managers, Conflict Management, Performance Management, Delegation and Motivation, Plant Management, Highly Effective Team Work, Project Management, Objective Management, Time Management, Highly Effective Communication Skills, etc.

    Operation & Production:

    Plant Management, Lean Manufacturing, Production Planning and Scheduling, Cost Control, Purchasing Negotiation, Supply Chain Management, Shop Floor Management, 5S, Setup and Control of Kanban System, Evaluating Suppliers, Inventory Control and Management, Statistic Process Control, Corporate Internal Control, TPM and Maintenance Management, Project Management, Improving General Management Skills, KPI Setting and Control in Plant Management, etc.

Personal Style

    Mr. He adopts in his training various facilitating methods like interactive exchange, case discussion, role play, management assessment, and games, etc. All these activities correspond well with the training subjects. He bases all his training on solid foundation of academic theories, complemented with examples and cases. In this way, all the participants manage to achieve brainstorming and innovative ways of thinking so that what they acquire in training can finally be applied to practical work. Besides, Mr. He’s outstanding sense of humor and vivid presentation bring more pleasure to learning, resulting in long-term benefits in participants’ life and work.

Major Clients

    FMCG: Danone, Kraft foods, Li-Ning, Adidas, L&P, New Balance, Bright Dairy, L’Oreal, Amway, Wrigley, Marykay

    Chemical & Pharmaceutical: Roche Pharmaceutical, Swiss Je Reno Pharmaceutical, Rhodia Fiber, BASF Hua Yuan Nylon, Bayer, Scheringplough, ARKEMA Hydrogen Peroxide,

    Sinopec, Shanghai Secco, Wyeth, Sine, Wracker Chemistry, Stora Enso

    Industrial Manufacturing: 3M, Siemens Tractor, Fleet Guard Filter, Shanghai Electronic, Mitsubishi, Rittal, Huaneng Power International, BOMAG, Morgan Rolling Mill, Visteon, GiTi Tire, UAES, Longgong, Xizi Otis, NVC Lighting, Schindler, Futian Automobile IT & Electronics: Vishay, Digit China, SIM Technology ,Xike ShiYing, Dell, Sony, Power wave Others: Auchan, CISC-711, Shanghai Airport, Shenzhen Development Bank, China Southern Airllines, Shanghai Tobacco , Brother China, Hoau, Intertek

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