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Error Correction 5

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    There were two widely divergent influences on

    the early development of, statistical methods.

    Statistics had a mother who was dedicated to keep 1. ______ order records of governmental units and a gentlemanly 2. ______ gambling father who relied on mathematics to

    increase his skill at playing the odds in games of

    chance. The influence of the mother on the

    offspring, statistics, is represented by counting,

    measuring, ordering and taking of censuses…all of

    which led to modern descriptive statistics. From the

    influence of the father came modern inferential

    statistics, which based squarely on theories of 3. _______ probability. Descriptive statistics involved in 4. _______ tabulating, depicting and describing collections of 5. _______ data. These data may be either quantitative, such as

    measures of height, intelligence, and grade level

    variables that are characterized by an underlying

    continuum, or the data may represent qualitative

    variables. Large masses of data must be general 6. _______ undergo a process of summarization or reduction

    before they are comprehensive. Inferential statistics 7. _______

    is a formalizing body of methods for solving another 8. ______ class of problems present great difficulties for the 9. ______ unaided human mind. This general class of problems

    characteristically involves attempts to make

    predictions using a sample of observations. The

    purpose of referential statistics is to predict or

    estimate characteristics of a population from a

    knowledge of the characteristics only a sample of the 10. ______ population.

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