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Commitment Control OverviewCommit



    Departmental Staff

    ; Accountants

    ; Office Managers

    ; Business Managers

    ; Program Assistants


     Learn how to inquire on your Remaining Spending Authority (RSA). This

    was formally known as the available budget balance to spend.


    USF has elected to utilize the Commitment Control functionality provided

    within the Oracle financials modules.

    Commitment Control provides the ability to control expenditures against

    predefined, authorized budgets in a real time environment. In particular,

    Commitment Control enables you to:

    ; Create and maintain control budgets.

    ; Check actual transactions (such as actual expenditures and revenues)

    against control budgets.

    ; Check future financial obligations pre-encumbrances (requisition) and

    encumbrances (purchase order or salary encumbrance from GEMS)

    against control budget

    Commitment Control ledgers store budget, pre-encumbrance,

    encumbrance and expended amounts. Commitment Control checks

    expended, pre-encumbrances and encumbrances against control budgets.

    An example of budget checking from commitment through actuals would

    be the procure to pay cycle:

    1. When a requisition is created, Commitment Control checks the amount

    against the appropriate budgets and posts it as a pre-encumbrance in

    the Commitment Control ledger.

    2. When a requisition becomes a purchase order, Commitment Control

    reverses the pre-encumbrance and posts the purchase order amount

    as an encumbrance.

    3. When the purchased goods or services are delivered and the

    purchase order becomes a voucher, Commitment Control reverses the

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    encumbrance and posts the expenditure to the Commitment Control


    Note: Budgets for Capital Projects and Grants will be developed independently from the Organizational and Division budgets. For specifics on the budgeting process and commitment control rules defined for these modules refer to the Projects and Grants Departments.

    There are two types of Ledger groups: Div budget, which is the control ledger and the Org budget, which is the track with budget ledger. Both will be maintained in balance.

    To begin the budget process Units will be preparing the Organizational Budget much like we do now. This will be an annual budget by department, fund and budget account (an example of budget accounts are salaries (80001), Other Capital Outlay (80006) and expense (80004)). Budget transfers will occur in this ledger by the user assigned to be the VP/college designated budget processors.

    As transactions are recorded against the Organizational budgets the system will track the transactions against the budget and calculate the remaining spending authority (RSA). If a department overspends their budget, the system will generate a warning message that will be delivered to the Central Budget Offices, but will not stop the transaction. Colleges, departments and the Central Budget Offices will be monitoring the RSA to be sure the departments are not overspending their budgets.

    The Commitment Control was setup to aid in budget control but not to stop the day-to-day operations of the University. There will be a limited number of users who have the authority to override budget checking and allow a transaction to exceed the budget. The Central Budget Offices will control the security on the Commitment Control functions (overrides, transfers).

    This document will show you how to inquire into your remaining spending authority (RSA) by using the Budget Overview page.

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     Step 1: Navigate to the Budget Overview Page

     Step 2: Enter the Inquiry Name

     Step 3: Enter the Inquiry Criteria

     Step 4: View the RSA Details

     Step 5: Drill down on the Transaction Details


    1.1 Navigate to the Budget Overview page by selecting Commitment

    Control, Review Budget Activities, Budgets Overview from the

    menu on the left of the page.

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    2.1 For Budget Overview inquiry within Oracle the individual users

    must define an inquiry definition. This inquiry definition is tied

    specifically to the individual User ID it is created by and cannot

    be accessed by other users.

    2.2 To create a new inquiry definition, click on the Add a New Value

    tab. (If this is the first time you are using this inquiry you must

    create a new definition.)

    2.3 Enter an inquiry name (up to 10 characters with no spaces)

    2.4 Click on

    NOTE: Once created this inquiry definition can be reused with the criteria modified for each inquiry to be made by the user. The user would click on the Find an Existing Value tab and select the inquiry name.

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    3.1 Enter the Business Unit (USF01)

    3.2 Select Ledger Group as the Ledger Group/Set

    3.3 Enter the Ledger Group (ie CC_ORG for Organizational budget or

    any of the other budget groups you wish to inquire on) 3.4 Do not check View Stat Code Budgets

    3.5 Select the Type of Calendar (Detail Budget Period)

    3.6 Click on the Select checkbox next to the Ledger Group to be

    queried. Check Include Adjust Periods and Include Closing


    3.7 If this is a new definition click on

    3.8 Enter any Chartfield criteria you wish to narrow your search 3.9 Check all three Budget Status checkboxes (Open, Closed, Hold)

    3.10 Click on to display the results of the search criteria

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    4.1 This inquiry will display the summary total amounts of Budget,

    Expense, Encumbrance and Pre-Encumbrance for the criteria

    selected above in the top portion of the page. The bottom portion

    of the page will display various chartfield distributions that

    comprise the summary amounts




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    4.2 If all lines did not display, remember that you may change the Max

    Rows to display as many rows as you need. The results will be

    displayed in budget account number order.

    4.3 Scroll to the right to view the Available Budget amounts and


    4.4 Remember that you may download these results by clicking the

     symbol on the dark blue header line.

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    5.1 To drill down to the transaction details click on the hyperlink associated

    with the specific line and amount type. This will display either a journal,

    voucher, PO or requisition information page.

Click on the

    Budget amount

    hyperlinks to view

    the budget


    Click on the Click on the Click on the Pre-

    Expense amount Encumbrance Encumbrance

    hyperlinks to view Amount Amount

    voucher summary hyperlinks to view hyperlinks to view

    information PO summary requisition

    information summary info

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    5.2 The budget journal drill down view (detail of Budget amounts) will display

    the following.

    NOTE: By clicking on the Drill Down symbol you can open a new

    window that will display the journal inquiry pages. (see Journal Entry

    section of this training document) Example appears below.

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    5.3 Click on to return to the Budget Overview page. Then click the

     symbol to drill to the activity log. See illustration below.

    5.4 From the Activity Log click on the symbol to drill to the Budget

    Journal Line drill down.

    5.5 From the Activity Log click on the symbol to drill to the budget

    inquiry page.

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