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By Elaine Jordan,2014-06-24 15:05
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online education!11 online education!11

    In recent years, as information technology is developing quickly, many people pay more and more attention to online education. Some people even think that online education would replace traditional teaching in the future. I don??t think so. The reasons are as follows:

    Firstly, traditional teaching could provide face to face communication between teacher and students. Traditional classroom teaching makes it possible for teachers to observe the students closely, learn about their response, their involvement, and then decide what to focus on . For students, they would learn efficiently. Teachers could adjust their teaching according to the response of students, but not of online teaching.

    Secondly, students would benefit more from traditional teaching. When students do some good job in the classroom, they would get recognition from peer-students. Then, the students would be inspired by this recognition and would work harder, and make more progress. On the other hand, students who study in the same classroom are easily to cooperate and get immediate help from peer-students when they are in difficulties.

    Nowadays, with Chinese people become more and more wealthy, more and more parents sent their teenage children to study abroad. A lot of people believe sending teenagers to study abroad will let them miss the best opportunity to learn Chinese traditional culture and knowledge. and it is not safe for a teenager to live alone in a foreign country. On the contrary, I think it is a good idea to sent teenage children to study abroad. The reasons are as follows:Firstly, compared with adults, grasping a new language is much easier to teenagers. This helps them more quickly to have some foreign friends and to get used to the completely new environment. So , they will not feel lonely even though they are the only Chinese student at the school.

    Thirdly, with the development of the internet, parents can supervise their children from time to time through QQ\MSN or email, they can give their children the first second aid when they face problems,.And it will help the children to learn how to take care of themselves and became more independent.So, I think we send teenage children to study abroad is indeed a good idea.

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